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                Après Dark

                Nestled in the Sierra Nevada Mountains is this contemporary chalet, with an impressive vista and interiors to match. Eschewing the traditional log cabin style, the interior of this modern mountainside retreat near Lake Tahoe is slightly off-piste. Gone is the plaid, cowhide and brown leather, replaced by rich textures and dark accessories that work together to deliver a contemporary update. Smooth wooden panelled walls give the space a more refined edge, whilst still acknowledging the alpine setting.

                Sitting Room

                Après Dark - Sitting Room

                Natural materials feature heavily throughout the chalet sitting room to reinforce the connection to the mountain landscape, but also show how simple pieces can still have an impact. Different tones and textures of wood help to create depth and interest, whether in the form of abstract art on the walls or a coffee table centrepiece. Flashes of green are used sparingly throughout this monochrome scheme, as a nod to the forest beyond.


                Après Dark - Bedroom

                The dark chalet bedroom is all about dramatic decadence. A simple headboard was covered in luxurious charcoal velvet, then flanked with black column lamps paired on grey faux shagreen sideboards to give the space a moody, masculine feel. Comfort has not been forgotten either; tactile pieces such as velvet cushions and woollen throws, provide much-needed warmth and softness.