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                The bath is running, delicious oils are scenting the room. The candles are flickering gently and you are so ready for the moment when you sink in and let the water embrace you. Is there anything better? Here are some ideas to make it even more perfect.

                The Coast Is Clear

                Bathrooms - The Coast Is Clear

                In keeping with the rest of the home, the bathroom epitomises laidback luxury. Mirrored furniture adds an opulent element whilst rattan storage brings a natural, rustic edge. The space is designedto ensure that guests can make themselves at home: there’s plenty of space for towels, perfumes and other essentials.

                Bathrooms - The Coast Is Clear

                La La Living

                Bathrooms - La La Living

                In keeping with the rest of the house, relaxation is key here, which is reflected through the use of calming neutral tones and natural textures, as well as the incredibly inviting, huge bath. Creating a bathroom which embodied both form and function was particularly important to Sue; by using matching mirrors, storage and sinks, the space is beautifully symmetrical whilst very practical.

                Bathrooms - La La Living

                Battersea Power Station

                Bathrooms - Battersea Power Station

                Everything about this minimalist bathroom exudes luxury, from the marble wall to the monochromatic colour palette, to a deep free-standing bath. Accessories only made it into the bathroom if they served a practical purpose – this helps to achieve a clean, uncluttered effect - and the curved silhouettes of the tub and polka-dot stool soften the overall look.

                Bathrooms - Battersea Power Station

                Go Tell It On The Mountain

                Bathrooms - Go Tell It On The Mountain

                The stunning free-standing bath is the ‘piece de resistance’ in this stylish bathroom. Sue selected a striking, minimalist tub without feet from CP Hart and furnished the room with shelves and trinket boxes, ideal for storing lotions, potions and accessories. A striking mirror makes a magnificent focal point, whilst the jute rug creates a deliciously soft surface to step onto after a bath.