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                Join The Kew

                As a plant lover, Lucinda Waterhouse has always adored visiting the renowned Kew Gardens in London. When creating a home right around the corner, she thought it was essential to integrate a dash of nature. She wanted the house to be cosy and welcoming, but nature to be woven in throughout. Lucinda added leaf prints, faux trees, flowers and plants, as well as animal print textiles and upholstery to create a traditionally English home, with a bit of a wild twist.

                Christmas Dining Room

                Join The Kew - Christmas Dining Room

                The neutral palette of this grand dining room makes it an ideal backdrop for accessories in a myriad of colours. It was dressed for Christmas using faux foliage, tortoiseshell glassware and lots of LED candles. Animal decorations were placed at each setting as a fun nod to the nature theme.

                Join The Kew - Christmas Dining Room

                Dining Room

                Join The Kew - Dining Room

                Finished in muted shades, the dining room is brimming with character. The natural, subtle colour palette is an important part of the look: it evokes such a relaxing atmosphere, which is enhanced by the warm glow of the candles and fireplace. It’s well-known that everything tastes better when served in beautiful crockery and glassware, which is why Lucinda featured only the best.


                Join The Kew - Bedroom

                Every room in Lucinda’s home needed to have that all-important wild twist, and this tranquil oasis was no exception. Lucinda wanted her bedroom to reflect the natural world in as many different ways as possible. She achieved this by painting the walls an ocean blue and incorporating a seascape print, faux flowers and a luxurious leopard print throw.


                Join The Kew - Hallway

                The hallway is the first room that guests will see, so Lucinda wanted to make hers as warm and inviting as possible. A traditional patterned rug, playful polka dot lamp and canary yellow walls have a cheering effect: who wouldn’t feel uplifted after walking into a room like this? To tie the space to the nearby gardens, Lucinda featured faux agapanthus plants and baskets crafted from natural materials.

                Sitting Room

                Join The Kew - Sitting Room

                There’s lots to see in this ambiently lit sitting room, yet it still feels peaceful and relaxing. Pale-toned furniture and lamps harmonise with the softly coloured walls and carpet, allowing the scattering of accessories to pop. The faux olive trees and nature-inspired botanical prints pay tribute to the picturesque gardens right on the doorstep of this period home. To finish the look, Lucinda included several cushions she designed, which are adorned with prints inspired by Indian floral patterns.