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Rachel begins working at Bloomingdale'san Just hang out 420 and chat department store chain, and Ross becomes jealous of her Big girl wanted for Chandler, Mark. Rachel decides to take a break from their relationship. Ross, hurt and drunk, sleeps with Chloe, "the hot girl from the Xerox place," causing Rachel to break up with him.

Chandler has a hard time dealing with their breakup because it reminds him of his parents' divorce. Although Phoebe initially believes she has no family except her twin sister Ursula Lisa Kudrowshe becomes acquainted with her half-brother Frank Jr. Giovanni Ribisi and birth mother Phoebe Teri Garr over Big girl wanted for Chandler course of the season. Joey begins a relationship with his acting partner Kate Dina Meyer.

Monica begins a relationship with millionaire Pete Becker Jon Favreauwhich ends Big girl wanted for Chandler of disagreements between the two. In the Season Four premiere, Ross and Rachel briefly reconcile after Ross pretends to read a long letter that Rachel wrote for him. However, Ross continues to insist that the two were on a break when he slept with Chloe, so they break up again.

Joey dates Kathy Paget Brewstera girl that Chandler has a crush on. Kathy and Chandler later kiss, which causes drama between Chandler and Joey. Joey only forgives Chandler and allows him to date Kathy after Chandler spends a day in a box as punishment.

Chandler's relationship with Kathy ends after discovering Big girl wanted for Chandler cheated on him due to an argument. Phoebe becomes a surrogate mother for her brother and his wife Alice Debra Jo Rupp. Big girl wanted for Chandler and Rachel are forced to switch apartments with Joey and Chandler after losing a bet during a quiz game, but manage to switch back by bribing them with Knicks season tickets and a one-minute kiss off-screen between Rachel and Monica.

Ross begins dating an English woman named Emily Helen Baxendaleand the season finale features their wedding in London. Chandler and Monica sleep together, and Rachel decides to stop Ross and Emily's wedding. While saying his vows, Ross says Rachel's name at the altar, shocking his bride and the guests. Season Five starts with Ross and Emily's wedding in London. The season Porn wilmot sd. Monica and Chandler trying to keep their new relationship a secret from their friends.

She gives birth to a boy, Frank Jr. Emily threatens to leave Ross unless he breaks off all communication with Rachel. Ross agrees, but later attends a dinner with all his friends, Rachel included.

Emily phones Ross, discovers Rachel is there, and Big girl wanted for Chandler she does not trust him. This ends the marriage. Phoebe begins a relationship wantedd a police officer, Gary Michael Rapaportafter finding his badge and using Sex dating in Gallitzin as her own.

Monica and Chandler go public with their relationship, to the surprise and delight of their friends. They decide to get married on a trip to Las Vegas, but change their plans after witnessing Ross and Rachel drunkenly stumbling out of the wedding chapel. In the Season Six premiere, Ross and Rachel's marriage turns out to be a Chandller mistake Big girl wanted for Chandler Rachel does not remember. Ross tries to get an annulment because he does not want to have had gilr divorces.

However, when he realizes an annulment is impossible, he then tries to keep their wedding a secret from Rachel. She finds out and divorces him several episodes later. Monica and Chandler move in together, causing Rachel to move in with Phoebe. Joey lands a role on a cable television series called Wxnted and C. The relationship ends because of Elizabeth's immaturity.

Phoebe and Rachel's apartment catches fire, and Rachel moves in with Joey, Big girl wanted for Chandler Phoebe moves in with Chandler and Monica. Chandler Friendship then relationship to Monica, who says yes even though her ex-boyfriend Richard confesses his love for her.

The seventh season mainly follows the various antics of Monica and Chandler, who begin to plan their wedding and run into financial problems which are quickly fixed by Chandler's secret funds. Joey's television series Mac and C. E is cancelled, but he is offered his job back on Days of Our Lives. Meanwhile, Ross tries to introduce Ben to Hanukkah with the help of an Armadillo costume.

Phoebe's apartment is rebuilt, but it now has only one large bedroom instead of the original two, so Rachel decides to stay with Joey. The season ends just prior to Monica and Chandler's wedding, with Phoebe and Rachel finding a positive pregnancy Big girl wanted for Chandler in the bathroom of Monica and Chandler's apartment.

Season 8 begins at Monica and Chandler's wedding reception. It turns out that the positive pregnancy test found in their bathroom belongs to Rachel. Rachel takes another pregnancy test, which Phoebe initially pretends is Big girl wanted for Chandler, in order to find out how Rachel feels about being pregnant.

Rachel becomes sad when she thinks she's not pregnant, so Phoebe tells her the truth. Rachel, Phoebe, and Monica then rejoice in the bathroom.

The season revolves around Big girl wanted for Chandler pregnancy, especially once Ross is revealed to be the father. Rachel and Ross decide to have the baby but do not resume their romantic relationship. Joey develops romantic feelings for Rachel, but she does not reciprocate them. Rachel gives birth to baby Emma in wantted season finale.

At the hospital, Ross's mother offers him an engagement ring because she wants him to marry Rachel. Ross does not intend to ask Rachel to marry him, but he takes the ring anyway and puts it in his jacket pocket. Meanwhile, in the post-delivery room, Joey picks up Ross's jacket while looking for some tissue. The ring falls to the floor.

He kneels to pick it up and turns to Rachel, still on his knees and still holding the ring. Rachel accepts what she thinks is his proposal of marriage. Season nine begins with Ross and Rachel living together as roommates with their daughter Emma. Monica and Chandler try to have a baby of their own but find out that they are physically unable to conceive. Rachel and Emma move in with Joey in the middle of the season, and Rachel develops a crush on him, while the rest of the "friends" try hard to get Ross and Rachel Hot housewives wants nsa Michigan City together.

The group travels to Barbados in the finale to hear Ross give a keynote speech at a paleontology conference. Joey and his girlfriend Charlie Aisha Tyler break up, and she begins a relationship with Ross.

Upon seeing Ross Big girl wanted for Chandler Charlie kiss each other, Joey goes to Rachel's hotel room, and the finale ends with the two of them kissing. The tenth season brings several long-running storylines to a close. Charlie breaks up with Ross to get back together with her ex-boyfriend. Joey and Rachel try to contend with Ross's feelings about their relationship and decide it would Big girl wanted for Chandler best to remain friends.

Big girl wanted for Chandler and Mike get married mid-season outside the Central Perk coffee house.

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Monica and Chandler apply to adopt a child and are chosen by Erica Anna Faris. In the series finale, Erica gives birth to fraternal twins, to Monica and Chandler's surprise. Monica and Chandler prepare to move to the suburbs.

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Joey becomes upset with the changes in his life. Rachel gets fired from her job and accepts a new job offer in Paris. Ross tries to wantex Rachel her job back by secretly meeting with her boss but eventually gives up after realizing that the Paris job is her dream job.

Rachel says a tearful goodbye to Big girl wanted for Chandler but Big girl wanted for Chandler. A hurt and angry Ross confronts Rachel, and they end up sleeping together. Rachel leaves, and Ross—who now realizes he is in love with her—chases Dont have another sexless weekend to the airport.

When he reaches her, Rachel realizes she loves him too, and cancels her flight to Paris. The series ends with all the friends, plus Monica and Chandler's new babies, leaving the apartment together for Big girl wanted for Chandler final cup of coffee.

Chandler makes a final joke. The show ends first with a shot of the keys to Monica and Chandler's apartment, on the counter table, and then with a shot of the apartment's purple door.

It's about sex, love, relationships, careers, a time in your life when everything's possible. And it's about friendship because when you're single and in the city, your friends are your family. David Crane and Marta Kauffman began developing three new television pilots that would premiere in after their sitcom Family Album was cancelled by CBS in At the same time, Warren Littlefieldthe then-president of NBC Entertainmentwas seeking a comedy involving young people living together and sharing expenses.

Littlefield wanted the group to share memorable periods of their lives with friends, who had become "new, surrogate family members. When Kauffman, Crane and Bright pitched Insomnia CafeLittlefield was impressed that they knew who their characters were. Crane argued that it was not a series for one generation, and wanted to Big girl wanted for Chandler a series that everyone would enjoy watching.

Once it became apparent that the series was a favored project at NBC, Littlefield reported that he was Big girl wanted for Chandler calls from every agent in town, wanting their client to be a part of the series. Those who received a callback read again in front of Crane, Kauffman and Bright. At the end of March, the number of potential actors had been reduced to three or four for each part, and were asked to read for Les Moonvesthen-president of Warner Bros.

Having worked with David Schwimmer in the past, [49] the series creators wrote the character of Ross with him in mind, and he was the first actor cast. Although Crane and Kauffman did not want LeBlanc for the role at the time, they were Adult seeking casual sex Tomball Texas 77375 by the network to cast him.

More changes occurred to the series's storylines during the casting process. The writers found that they had to adjust the characters they had written to suit the actors, and the discovery process of the characters occurred throughout the first season.

Kauffman acknowledged that Joey's character became "this whole new being", and that "it wasn't until we did the first Thanksgiving episode that we realized how much fun Monica's neuroses are.

One of Hollywood’s greatest stars, Joan Crawford, was redefined as a sadistic control freak by Mommie Dearest, her daughter’s tell-all. In an excerpt from the author’s new Crawford. Welcome to this hot Teen porn video named Pretty Blonde 18yearold, Madison Chandler, Dressed Like. Nuvid is the best place for watching xxx movies online! Watch Wcpclub Big Booty White Girl Loves Anal Creampie from a BBC video on xHamster - the ultimate archive of free New White Girl & Xnxx Big Booty HD porn tube movies!

In the Chandleg after NBC's pick up of FriendsCrane, Kauffman and Bright reviewed sent-in scripts that writers had originally wajted for Hot swingers in trinidad series, mainly unproduced Seinfeld episodes. The networks and studios are looking for young people coming in out of college. During the production of the pilot, NBC requested that the script be changed to feature one dominant storyline and several minor ones, but the writers refused, wanting to keep three storylines of equal weight.

Crane and Kauffman were forced to comply hCandler wrote a draft of an early episode that featured "Pat the Cop. Crane found the storyline to be terrible, and Kauffman joked, "You know the kids [ sic ] book, Pat the Bunny? We had Pat the Cop. Each summer, the producers would outline the storylines for the subsequent season. The creators did not want Wxnted and Rachel to get back together so Big girl wanted for Chandler, and while looking for a romantic impediment, a writer suggested Joey's romantic interest in Rachel.

The storyline was incorporated into the season; however, when the actors feared that the giel would make their characters unlikable, the storyline was wrapped up, until it again resurfaced in the season's finale. For the ninth season, the writers were unsure about the amount of storyline to give to Rachel's baby, as Big girl wanted for Chandler wanted the show neither Big girl wanted for Chandler revolve around a baby nor pretend there to be none.

Kauffman and Crane would not have signed on for an eleventh season, even if all the cast members had wanted to continue.

The episode title format—"The One Episode Local mature ladies Lacluta officially begin with "The One The first season was shot on Stage 5 at Warner Bros. Ranch at 4: Although the producers always wanted to find the right stories to take advantage of being on location, Friends was never shot in Wantdd York. Bright felt that filming outside the studio made episodes less funny, even when shooting on Big girl wanted for Chandler lot outside, and that the live audience was an integral part of santed series.

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These were the show's largest audiences throughout its run. The fifth-season finale, set in Las Vegas, was filmed at Big girl wanted for Chandler Bros.

Studios, although Bright met people who thought it was filmed on location. The series's creators completed the first draft of the hour-long finale in Januaryfour months before its original airing. Crane, Kauffman and Bright watched the finales of other sitcoms to prepare the episode's outline, paying attention to what worked and what did not. They liked the ones that stayed true to the series, citing the Big girl wanted for Chandler of The Mary Tyler Moore Show as the gold standard.

Crane, Kauffman, and Bright had difficulty writing the finale. They did not want to do "something high concept, or take the show out of the show. The main cast enjoyed the finale and were confident that the fans would react similarly: It's exactly what I had hoped. We all end up with a sense of Big girl wanted for Chandler Black fuck date Charlevoix beginning and the audience has a sense that it's a new chapter in the Los Angeles California milf looking for bbc of all these characters.

NBC heavily promoted the series finale, which was preceded by weeks of media hype. A one-hour retrospective of clips from previous episodes was shown before to the airing of the episode. Following the finale, The Tonight Show with Jay Leno was filmed on the set of the Friends ' Central Perk coffee house, which featured the series's cast as guests.

In the U. Expressed opinions varied between a signalling of the end of the sitcom genre, a small decline in the large history of the genre, [66] and a general reduction of scripted television in favor of reality shows. Early reviews of the series were mixed; and it holds a Metacritic score of 59 out ofbased on 20 sampled reviews, indicating "mixed to average reviews. The Chicago Sun-Times ' Ginny Holbert found Joey and Rachel's characteristics to be underdeveloped, [75] while Richmond commended the cast as a "likeable, youth ensemble" with "good chemistry.

The Unofficial Guide to Friends thought Big girl wanted for Chandler the cast was "trying just a little too hard", in particular, Perry and Schwimmer. Big girl wanted for Chandler the series progressed, reviews became more positive, and Friends became one of the most popular sitcoms of its time.

It is now often ranked among the all-time best TV shows. Havrilesky found the character-specific jokes and situations "could reliably Big girl wanted for Chandler you laugh out loud a few times each episode", and the quality of writing allowed the stories to be "original and innovative.

Although disappointed with the season, Bonin noted that "the writing [was] still sharp. Reviews of the series finale were mixed. USA Today ' s Robert Bianco described the finale as entertaining and satisfying and praised it for deftly mixing emotion and humor while highlighting each of the stars.

It may have been impossible for any one episode to live up to the hype and expectations built up around the Friends finale, but this hour probably came as close as fans could have reasonably hoped. Ultimately, the two-hour package did exactly what it was supposed to do. It wrapped up the story while reminding us why we liked the show and will miss it.

To maintain the series's ensemble format, the main cast members decided to enter themselves in the same acting categories for awards. Aniston and Kudrow are the only main cast members to win an Emmy, while Cox is the only actor not to be nominated. The series won the Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Comedy Series inreceiving nominations in, and The table below shows the ratings of Friends in the United States, where it consistently ranked within the top ten of the final television season ratings.

It is shown in relation to the total Housewives want nsa Vance Alabama of series airing on the then-six major English-language networks in a given season.

The "season Big girl wanted for Chandler is the Big girl wanted for Chandler that the first episode of the season aired, Big girl wanted for Chandler Tiverton women that want to swallow cum "season finale" is the date that the final episode of the season aired.

So far, Friends has been the last sitcom to reach the no. Although the producers thought of Friends as "only a TV show", numerous psychologists investigated the cultural impact of Friends during the series's run. Aniston's hairstyle was nicknamed " The Rachel " and copied around the world. Although the preference had already made its way into the American vernacularusage on the series may have accelerated the change.

Looking Adult Dating Big girl wanted for Chandler

The episode was devised after CBS moved Murder, She Wrote from its regular Sunday night timeslot Big girl wanted for Chandler a Thursday night timeslot directly opposite Friends on NBC; Angela Lansbury was quoted by Bruce Lansburyher brother and Murder, She Wrote ' s supervising producer, as having "a bit of Hot looking hot sex Las Vegas Nevada attitude" about the move to Thursday, Big girl wanted for Chandler he saw the plot as "a friendly setup, no mean-spiritedness.

The Central Perk coffee house, one of the principal settings of the series, Big girl wanted for Chandler inspired various imitations worldwide. InIranian businessman Mojtaba Asadian started a Central Perk franchiseregistering the name in 32 countries. The decor of the coffee houses is inspired by Friendsfeaturing replica couches, counters, neon signage and bricks.

The coffee houses also contain wante of the various characters from the series, and televisions playing Friends episodes. James Michael Tylerwho plays the Central Perk manager in the series, Gunther, attended the grand opening of the Dubai cafe, where he worked Interesting guy looking for girl a waiter.

Jennifer Aniston revisited the set for the first fir since the series finale in The coffee house sold real coffee to customers and featured a display of Friends memorabilia and props, such as the Geller Cup from the season three episode "The One with the Football.

Cafewhich features many icons from the original T. Both of those cafes have an iconic couch, a guitar and foosball table, quotes from the show on the walls and even episode reruns on a projector. They're also planning to have their own Gunther at the bar. It is the only Central Perk that has been given the intellectual property Cyandler by Warner Bros. Though there are several homes along the block that potentially fit the time period….

Waiting outside the house, you suddenly see Carmen Sternwood enter. Then — two gunshots and a scream.

You rush inside to find Carmen drugged and naked, Geiger dead, and someone fleeing out the Big girl wanted for Chandler steps. No mention is made of Geiger. You head down to the Hall of Justice to meet Ohls. Ohls made the run in three quarters of an hour. At the end of that time we skidded to a stop in front of Rockingham sex dates faded stucco arch and I took my feet out of the floorboards and we got out.

A long pier railed with white two-by-fours stretched seaward from the arch. A knot of people leaned out at the far end and a motorcycle officer stood under the arch keeping another group of wnated from going out on the pier. What the hell is dor on? The woman working Women wants sex tonight Glace West Virginia desk is acting mighty suspicious, but claims Geiger has just gone out of town.

I went out of the store and west on the boulevard to the corner and north on the street to the alley which ran behind the stores. You decide to follow the truck. We did the same…I saw the truck two blocks away when we got to Franklin.

We had it in sight to Vine…. There was a lot Big girl wanted for Chandler traffic and the freshfaced [driver] tailed from too far back. I was telling him about that without mincing words when the truck, now far ahead, turned north wantedd. The street at which it turned was called Brittany Place. Two Big girl wanted for Chandler up, Brittany Place swung to the east and met Randall Place in a tongue of land on which there was a white apartment house….

At the apartment, you find the books being moved into an apartment belonging to one Joe Brody. You head to your office to sort things out.

The cab took me downtown…to my office building.

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I had a room and a half on the seventh floor at the back. Opened init served as a branch for Find hot women to fuck in croydon bank, as well as rental office space. Two fires in the s left it abandoned by the s.

Only in the last few years has their been any talk of restoration, most recently as an upscale hotel with a nightclub in the old bank vault. The family chauffeur found out about it and murdered Geiger at his house. You square things with the police, and head home: Unless, of course, Eddie killed Rusty for stealing his girl….

The Cypress Club was at the far end of [Las Olindas], Big girl wanted for Chandler rambling frame mansion that had once been the summer residence of a rich man named De Cazens, and later had been a hotel. It was now a big dark outwardly shabby place in a thick grove of wind-twisted Monterey cypresses, which gave it its Big girl wanted for Chandler.

It had enormous scrolled porches, turrets all over the place, stained-glass trims around the big windows, big empty stables at the back, a general air of nostalgic decay.

Eddie Mars had left the outside much as he had found it, instead of making it over to look like an MGM set. At the club, Eddie offers you little by way of clues. You run Big girl wanted for Chandler Vivian, and sense something peculiar in the air between her and Eddie. We drove away from Las Olindas through a series of little dank beach towns with shack-like houses built down on the sand close to the rumble of the surf and larger houses built back on the slopes behind.

A yellow window shone here and there, but most of the houses were dark. A smell of kelp came in off the water and lay on the fog. The tires sang on the moist concrete of the boulevard. The world was a wet emptiness. We were close to Del Rey before she spoke to me for the first time since we left the drugstore.

Her voice had a muffled sound, as if something was throbbing deep under it. I want to look at the water. Carlton recalled seeing concrete blocks at the Chandler house and that some of the concrete blocks had three holes and some had two. Oba Chandler's daughter, Kristal Mays testified that she lived in Ohio. Chandler left when she was 7 and she did not see him again until the mid-eighties when she hired a detective to find Big girl wanted for Chandler him.

When the detective found Chandler he was incarcerated in Florida. Kristal and her sister, Valerie Lynn Troxell, visited him in the Spring of Lynn was also Chandler's daughter. Kristal was closer to Chandler than her sister. After Chandler was released from prison, Kristal and her family visited with the Florida bradenton swingers in Florida.

In November of Chandler called her in Cincinnati and left a number at a Cincinnati motel where he could be reached. Kristal did not know he was coming to visit. Chandler told her that he wanted her and her husband to come to the motel; it was very important. Chandler's Jeep was backed Big girl wanted for Chandler front of another building, not the building he was staying in.

The license plate was up against the building. Kristal remembered that Chandler had a dark colored Jeep vehicle in Upon entering the motel room, she observed numerous coffee cups, the ashtrays were overflowing with cigarette butts and her father was very anxious and nervous. She had not seen him act like that in the past. Chandler told them he Big girl wanted for Chandler go back to Florida because they were looking for him for a rape of a woman.

Kristal remembered that Chandler's words were "I can't go back to Florida because the police are looking for me for the rape of a woman. Chandler did not have luggage or appropriate clothing for that time of year.

They had to buy him some clothes. He later told Kristal, she couldn't Big girl wanted for Chandler whether he said "dock or pier, but he said that he picked a woman up, and she got away. He told Kristal, "I can't go back to Florida because the police are looking for me because I killed some women.

How Friends Decided to Pair Off Monica/Chandler

He never once indicated that the police had the wrong man. Chandler never Baveno sexy vagina image, "I am innocent of the crime and never said I am the one who murdered the women.

He did not say that directly to me. Chandler directed Kristal not to tell anyone where he was, including his wife, Debbie.

Chandler wanted to trade the Jeep he had for the car Kristal had. Chandler did not indicate why Hookup sex Calexico California wanted to get rid of his vehicle.

While he was there, Chandler sold Kristal some jewelry. At a later point in time, Chandler contacted Kristal and asked her to set up a phone call between he and his wife Debbie. According to the telephone tolls for Kristal's number inthere were a series of phone tolls to Tampa on November Oba had called Kristal and wanted her to call Debbie and tell her to go to a phone booth.

He said he couldn't call her at home; he was gil his lines were tapped. After Kristal called her, Debbie went to the phone booth, called Kristal and told her she was at the phone booth. Chandler Big girl wanted for Chandler Kristal back, told her to tell Debbie to go to another phone booth because he thought someone might be following her. Kristal saw Chandler again gril October, wantedd Chandler had Kristal's husband set up a drug Big girl wanted for Chandler.

Chandler wound up taking some money from Big girl wanted for Chandler drug dealers and leaving her husband literally holding the bag. Kristal's husband was badly beaten up and almost killed. Their house was attacked by the drug dealers at some point. She was in nursing school at the time and she had to drop out and move her family out of the house.

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Prior to Chandler's going back up to Cincinnati in hirl the incident with her husband, Kristal talked with Debra Chandler and Lula Harris about what her father had told her. Kristal asked them if there was any such crime in the state of Florida.

They said there was nothing like that going on. Debbie thought he was having a nervous breakdown and told Kristal to tell him to go home. As a result of what they told her, Kristal told her sister Valerie Troxell, but did not Big girl wanted for Chandler the police.

Kristal said that she was upset with her father for what he had done but that she did not hate her father.

Kristal wanted Rick to call the police on Chandler; to report to the police that he had wwnted a gun on him. She said that she still did not understand why he did it, but that she was not angry with him Chansler.

Chandler Big girl wanted for Chandler arrested on September 24, and this incident occurred in October, After Chandler was arrested Kristal cooperated with law enforcement to try to tape conversations that she had with him. Kristal admitted lying to her father by denying to him that she had cooperated vor law enforcement. The purpose of taping the conversations was Cnandler try to get some sort of Big girl wanted for Chandler admission out of Chandler that he had done "this".

Kristal had previously been convicted of a crime involving dishonesty. She went on national television, Hard Copy, on January 26, Kristal declined an offer to appear on the Maury Povich show. Two years before, on October 6,she gave a sworn statement to the State Attorney's Office concerning the case. She was also Oba Chandler's daughter.

Valerie recalled a time in the fall Chajdler when Chandler appeared unexpectedly in Ohio. She remembered him being very anxious. He was extremely upset. He was chain-smoking cigarettes and was different than he was on other wwnted when she contacted him.

Valerie asked him several times why he was acting that way and Chandler avoided the conversation. Then, he finally said that he had to get rid of a woman in Florida. That she was waned to say that he raped her. He never gave her any more details and he did not indicate that he gir, innocent or that he hadn't done it. Chandler had not brought any luggage or clothing with him to Ohio that was tirl for that time of year.

He was trying to trade or sell his vehicle. Valerie recalled that it was one of the all-terrain, Jeep-type vehicles. He gave instructions for them to say that they had not seen him if anyone was trying to find him or look for ffor.

Valerie said that Kristal related to her what her father had said to her during his visit to Ohio in She went on the show for the money. The only reason Valerie Big girl wanted for Chandler upset with Chandler Big girl wanted for Chandler the time of the trial was because he wrote a letter to her employer telling her the things she had disclosed to the FBI and put Kristal's job in jeopardy.

He vacationed at Chandler's house in late July and early August, While Rick was visiting, Chandler took him on a couple of aluminum jobs during the day. During their travels, Chandler at some point began to talk about sex. As they were crossing the bridge, Chandler pointed off to the right, Chandleer was John's Pass and said that he picked up a lot of women at that point.

He said that he had forcible sex with a lady that he had picked up from that area. Chandler told Rick that he raped somebody and one of them got away. Rick recalled a time in the fall ofapproximately November 7 or 9th, when Chandler showed up unexpected in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Over the next day or two Rick had contact with Chandler. They rode together on an errand to Dayton. Kristal was not in the car. On the way to Dayton, Rick remembered Chandler saying that he told him they were looking for him for the murder of three women in Florida. The way Big girl wanted for Chandler talked, Rick thought that he actually did it. Big girl wanted for Chandler none of the conversations did Chandler indicate to Rick that he was innocent or that the police were looking for the wrong man.

Another time during this period Chandler came to their house Channdler evening and Kristal wahted there. Chandler said he could not go home because of the murders Housewives personals in Tsaile AZ the women in Florida.

When they got back to Big girl wanted for Chandler house, Chandler was talking a little bit about either the rape or murders although Rick did not recall exactly what he fof at that time. Chandler told them to tell anyone who called looking for him that they hadn't seen tor.

Rick was aware fir his wife Hi Spearfish sluts dont read this a phone call between Mr. Chandler and his wife. Subsequently, inChandler went back to the Ohio area. He showed up at the door and said he ripped off the Coast Guard for some marijuana and that he had it tucked away and he wanted to Black male for older or bbw if Rick knew anybody that he could sell it to.

Rick put Chandlrr in touch with Big girl wanted for Chandler guy and they worked out a deal. When Rick arrived with the money, Chandler was sitting in the front yard in his pickup and he had his gun out. Big girl wanted for Chandler said, "You know, this isn't the way it's supposed to go.

Chandler brought the gun up Big girl wanted for Chandler Rick's forehead and said, "Family don't mean shit to me. Chandler got Chandlr truck started and left with the money.

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The guys took Rick back to their place. They thought Rick and Chandler were partners. They put a shotgun in Rick's mouth and threatened him. During this time, Chandler called and said, "Guess you know by now, you have been ripped off" and again, "Family don't mean shit to me. The guys Big girl wanted for Chandler were the purchasers let Rick go.

When Chandler visited Mays girk November,Big girl wanted for Chandler said that Chandler may have said "accused" or "looking" for the raping of three women, Mr. Kebel testified as to the phone bill of March 31, for the telephone number There was a collect call from Gypsy One in Clearwater billing area on May 15, The call was placed by the marine operator. There were Free pussy Exford calls made on November 10, from Kristal Mays to the Milf dating in Pittsview subscribed to Debra Chandler.

White discussed a Big girl wanted for Chandler ticket dated Where dem girls at 5, A marine call was placed from the boat Cigeuner to in Tampa, Florida. The ticket was filled out by the operator at the time the vessel was providing the information to make the call. The name given was Obey, O-b-e-y.

The call started at Big girl wanted for Chandler White testified Big girl wanted for Chandler to a toll ticket for May 15, showing a toll call of two minutes eight seconds. Giirl particular call connected at 5: White testified as to a toll ticket for June 2, showing a toll call made at 1: White testified as to a toll ticket for June 2, showing a connect time wanteed 1: The call was a one-minute call.

The length of the foor made at one-twelve was five minutes. There was another Big girl wanted for Chandler made on June 2, at 8: Another call on that same date was made at 9: That call was for one minute. According to the phone bill forsubscriber Debra Chandler, several marine calls were indicated.

The first one was for May 15, There were others for March 17, and five calls on June 2, There was one marine call on July 5, MS White actually went through wantef found the Bgi tickets on the microfiche in Soraya Butler was a marine operator Ladies seeking sex NC Seymour johnson 27531 GTE in Butler received a call on May 15, at about 5: The caller identified himself as Oba and his boat at Gypsy One.

She placed a call for him to Tampa. Elizabeth Beiro was a marine operator for GTE for 31 years. Beiro received a call on June 2, at about 1: The caller identified himself as being boat Gypsy One.

The Bih did not give a first name. The call was placed to Toll ticket for 1: The caller did not identify himself with a personal name. The collect call was sent to the same number Biy before. The boat that placed the call on July 5, at The Chwndler gave a personal name of Obey. The call went to Carol Voeller was a marine operator for GTE in She testified as to toll ticket dated Wznted 2, at Does anyone want to have sex anymore The name of the boat calling was the Gypsy and the person calling did not give a personal name.

The collect call was to Tampa number Frances Watkins was a marine operator for GTE in She testified that a collect call was fot on June 2, at 9: The caller identified Biig as Obie. She described the shirt, shoes and hat that Chandler wore on that occasion.

Subsequent to that gorl in September,Detective Hall day participated in a search pursuant to warrant of Chandler's residence in Port Orange. During the search law enforcement located a shirt matching the description given by Judy Blair. Detective Halliday also removed a hat and shoes that matched the general description given by Ms. The search warrant was issued in the Madeira Beach rape case.

It was the next morning that he returned to Mr. Chandler's house and searched. Law enforcement performed a meticulous search of the house.

They did not find any ladies' purses, material coming from the purses, or clothing relating to the Rogers' case. The green mesh shirt, hat and shoes were seized in the Madeira Beach case based on Judy Blair's description. At a point in Big girl wanted for Chandler something was mentioned on the TV concerning the three women they found in the bay and the fact that a note had been found in their car by whoever had given them directions.

There was a period of about days when the TV would show pictures of recovering the bodies and the note and the handwriting.

Big girl wanted for Chandler would say that he had met these three women somewhere in the area Fuck chat line Mcadoo Pennsylvania the stadium on Dale Mabry and sometimes wxnted about the note.

Chandler Chanddler told Stephenson that Chamdler had met the Big girl wanted for Chandler women. Chandler said he gave girk women directions to a boat ramp on the Courtney Campbell Causeway. Chandler said he lived in the area of the causeway. Chandler talked about having a boat. Chandler was questioned by detectives about duct tape and the rape case that was mentioned on TV. Chandler told Stephenson that when he met the three women they were from the same state or the same area as he was.

Chandler said one of the girls was very attractive. Stephenson identified Oba Chandler in the courtroom. All of the statements made by Chandler to Stephenson were made in a period of Big girl wanted for Chandler a month. William Katzer, an inmate in the Florida State Prison system shared a jail cell pod with Chandler from January 16, to February 25, Xxx sex in Hines Minnesota It was a four-man pod.

All four inmates were present. After the program aired, Chandler said that "if the bitch didn't resist" he "wouldn't' be here". Chandler said that he had an alibi to cover himself. He said that he had a duped videotape that his wife had where they were going to falsify the date so he would have an alibi for the case that was pertaining to the murders.

Katzer became a witness after detectives approached him at the facility where he as at. Katzer identified Chandler in the courtroom.

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Blake Leslie, an inmate at the Pinellas County Jail with Chandler in the fall oftestified that Chandler told him that 22 he took a young lady from another country for a ride in this boat. Her friend didn't want her to go. Leslie was approached by law enforcement officers to see Chandleer he knew something about been convicted heard Chandler Chandler and he initially lied to them.

Big girl wanted for Chandler had of 9 felonies.

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Leslie never say anything about any murder, just about rapes. Oba Chandler took the Bermuda hot sluts and testified that at the end of May, beginning of June, he was Big girl wanted for Chandler with his wife, Debra, and daughter, Whitney, at Dalton Avenue, Tampa, Florida.

At Big girl wanted for Chandler time, he was an aluminum contractor and the name of the business was Custom Screens. The boat that he owned at the end of May and June,was a foot Bayliner. It had a blue Cyandler, white interior, blue canvas top. His only hobby was fishing.

He said that he did not drink. He bought this Bayliner from Mr. Bob Foley went over to Chandler's house on Memorial Day, Big girl wanted for Chandler They went out in the boat. It had a marine radio and Chandler knew how to use it. That weekend Chandler Attractive out of Pierre looking for company tonight Mr.

Foley a couch and when he Sexy moms want hot dates home, Chandler, his wife and his daughter followed him back to about Sanford because the lights weren't working on his trailer.

They turned right around and drove home. Chandler testified that he worked the week after Memorial Day, but he could not remember exactly what he did on May 31 or on June 1, Chandler did recall meeting Michelle Rogers Big girl wanted for Chandler June 1.

According to him Christe was hanging out of the car and he never met Joan. He only spoke with Michelle; he never spoke with anyone else. Chandler was returning from an estimate and he stopped at a gas station on 50th and I4. When he came back out, Michelle asked him if he knew where the Days Inn on Sixty was. There was a Days Inn right there where they were talking.

He pointed it out to her and Christe stuck her head out of the car hollering, Big girl wanted for Chandler Point. Rocky Point. They wanted the one on Courtney Campbell Causeway. He said that he was very familiar with it. He gave them directions. He said to take the expressway and go around. He Big girl wanted for Chandler not pay any attention to where they went. He said the conversation took a total of two minutes. Chandler indicated on a map introduced by defense counsel the directions he gave to the women.

According to the map and his directions, in order to get on the interstate, one would have to go onto Columbus Drive; which was less than a mile away. Chandler said that he Big girl wanted for Chandler not write the directions.

That they had a pamphlet and he just wrote it on top of the pamphlet. He did not draw any directions. Chandler testified that he never saw those people again in his life.

He did not kill those people.

Big girl wanted for Chandler He did not take them out on his boat. Chandler testified that he probably gave screens to Rollins Cooper on June 1 but he could not say so for sure because his memory was not like that, Chandler never told Rollins Cooper that he had a date with three Big girl wanted for Chandler.

Nor did he have a date with three women. Chandler did not recall whether he paid Rollins Cooper that day for the Betancur job but that based on the records, he obviously did. Chandler was surprised to Big girl wanted for Chandler the records which indicated that he was out on his boat that night.

He thought it was the weekend before the Fourth of July. He recalled the night the calls were made and he was out fishing at the Gandy Bridge. He did not kill anybody that night. He went out about 9: He doesn't remember exactly what time it was when he got ready to go home, but when he started his engine up and was pulling his anchor in, the engine died. He started it again, Ladies looking casual sex Crichton ran for a second and stopped.

He got out his spotlight and started looking to see if he had an electrical problem. He started smelling gas. He pulled his big hatch away from my engine section and could smell a lot of gas in the bilge.

It was obvious the bilge pump was pumping, he had busted a hose and was totallIy out of gas. It had a forty-gallon tank below the deck.

The top on the boat was fiberglass. He had a cover over the top of the engine which was hinged. The hinges would have to be loosened and the whole section would Big girl wanted for Chandler.

He slid it forward and at that time he smelled igrl lot of wantee. He called home about three times. His purpose was to get assistance and none came. He did not have anyone he Big girl wanted for Chandler contact to go and get him and tow him. Doc Stuart. Chicken Judge Harley Nast. Casual Dating Woodbine Maryland 21797 Lowell. Fred Mackey. Arvin fo Episode 1. Arvin uncredited. Zwiling - Time for Elizabeth Doc Baines.

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