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Does anyone want Concord anymore

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We were promised supersonic flights.

Today, we stay well below the speed of sound. We were promised transatlantic flights from New York to London in 3 and a half hours.

Today, that flight takes us 7 hours. We were promised the future of flying.

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That future hasn't existed for 10 years. The last flight of the Concorde was on October 24,we've been flying on slow-haul planes since. It's not as simple as this, obviously, but the appearance and anyyone of the Concorde could be thought of as follows: Imagine that starting today, you couldn't Does anyone want Concord anymore your phone anymore.

Instead, you suddenly have to go back to your flip phone. The transatlantic flights you take today?

They're Razrs. Its first commercial flight wasn't untilbut it stayed in service for 27 years for Air France and British Airways, the only two airlines who ever flew Concordes.

In fact, in its entire history, only 20 Concordes were ever built. Because the Concorde was only profitable for long distance flights, the fleet typically only flew between Paris or London and New York.

But who cares about profits, it's the technology of the jet that made it special.

The Concorde used afterburners to get to supersonic speeds, reaching 1,mph commercial wsnt today cruise under mphthe intake was able to hit Mach 2. It wasn't, of course, without its issues.

If it were problem-free we'd still be flying them today. The Does anyone want Concord anymore was notoriously high maintenance, at times it was an engineering nightmare, it sucked down fuel like a flying Hummer with a gas leak would, its cockpit was complicated with knobs and dials Does anyone want Concord anymore every kind, the outside of the plane would get hot because of air friction, there were radiation concerns because it flew so high and, worst of all, a Concorde jet suffered a horrific crash on July Chicks wanting dating for married people,where people died, being inside the aircraft.

The crash—the only fatal accident in Concorde's history—marked the beginning of the end for the Concorde and still stains the memory of one of the world's greatest technological marvels.

Which is unfortunate because before the accident, the Concorde was considered one abymore the safest planes in the world.

But after that fateful day, all Concordes were grounded pending the investigation of Air France Flight and the Concorde would never recover.

The Concorde had legitimate issues, enough that it makes sense that we've put them in mothballs. But it's sad that we don't fly them anymore because it feels a bit like the dark ages every time we step onto any Doe airplane.

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