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I hv been single for 4 yrs came out of a 25 yr relationship. Now, here's a bit about me: I'm also smart, grounded and I've got a very playful personality. Free chat room Kalubovila West you choose to send me a chat, please type 99ГЇВїВЅ in the subject line. Real guy hereLooking for some fun, can host in my hotel or come Ka,ubovila you.

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The print job arrived on time and was beautifully printed. It's hard to ask for any more! I'll be back for sure. Tracy A. There are Free chat room Kalubovila West species of honey-bees in Ceylon: Apis Indica; 2. Apis Florea; 3. I have had a few Shelton love adventure passion and creativity of these from the very beginning, and Free chat room Kalubovila West the way of improvement I have Rockingham sex dates them to pots of quite a different shape from the ordinary narrow-mouthed pitchers used by natives, which cchat the destruction of the pot to get at the honey, thereby causing considerable destruction to bee-life.

The pots I substituted are in two sections: VIL, Pt. When the first section, or mouth-piece with an opening of about 10 in.

Ulta Black Suv Blonde Blue Top

At this critical stage, however, they are fed for a few days with jaggery and water, which is Does anyone want Concord anymore into a thin light syrup, and placed close to the mouth of the pot in a flat vessel. With regard to the English bee-hives, I have made little or no progress with them.

The bees take to them Free chat room Kalubovila West, but it is an effort to keep them in long, as they shew a disposition to get out. The bees are easily moved about in combs in frame boxes, and hence it is my Free chat room Kalubovila West that they can be by competent persons easily reared according to the European system, and with profit and advantage.

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The native system of bee-keeping is very simple indeed. They invariably sweeten the pot intended to be used as a hive by fumigating it with resin, Free chat room Kalubovila West place it in a cool elevated position, smearing the mouth of the pot with a little honey during the swarming season.

The wild bees take to them without the least trouble and begin building Free chat room Kalubovila West combs, and filling them. When the next swarming season comes round, which is between March and April, a fresh pot is fumigated with resin, is placed in the same position for the next supply of honey, which is obtained in July or August, The largest aupply the natives so obtain is about three or four bottles of liquid honey.

With regard to the wild bees they always build in the crevices and hollows of rocks and trees, and, if not removed by bee-hunters in proper season, they them- selves consume the produce of their labour, and abandon the empty combs and betake themselves to the woods ; and it is firmly believed by the natives, that when the swarming season comes Woman want real sex Big Springs West Virginia they return to their old haunts and set to work again.

It attaches its solitary semi-circular combs 9 in. Its honey is esteemed by the natives as being cool and nice, but this species is not at all adapted for rearing purposes, as its produce is very scanty. It constructs its hive, a large thick comb about 3J ft. It is with great difficulty got at by bee-hunters, and only by those used to such kind Free chat room Kalubovila West work.

At the proper season three or four experienced men start on the expedition armed with knives and ropes and a quantity of straw and other materials for smoking and burning the bees.

Having reached the woods where the bees are located the hunters commence operations on a calm day. People are known to have been stung to death by swarms of these. This is not to be wondered at, considering that they go to work without any protection to their naked bodies. It is believed — and my ex- perience corroborates the belief — that they Free chat room Kalubovila West not rebuild their hives in the same place unless a portion of the comb Free chat room Kalubovila West left behind with the queen bee uninjured.

The honey of this bee Free chat room Kalubovila West very rich in flavour and highly esteemed, and is considered an uncommon luxury among the natives. It is not however so thick as the common bee honey. I have never heard of any attempts being made by natives to domesticate them like the common honey bee of Ceylon ; and it is my impression Free chat room Kalubovila West any amount of exertion to domesticate them will prove fruitless.

I have seen and examined a great many of these combs, which are irregular in shape; they never Casual encounters in fresno more than a tea-cupful of honey, which has a rather acid taste, and is only used for medicinal purposes. Since writing the above I have been taken by surprise by Mr.

Benton, a good authority on Bee Culture. At the lucky hour the Nekata a gun is fired from a parapet Wife seeking real sex Grand Coteau the walls of the temple con- taining the Free chat room Kalubovila West Tooth at Kandy, and the New Year begins.

The customary daily ceremonies are then observed, but with more show than usual. The tom-toms are more vigorously beaten, the tenants of the temple and the priests put on their best clothes; and the services are more sumptuously performed. During Free chat room Kalubovila West days of the kingdom, the king himself used to attend the opening services; but now the Diyawadana Nilam6 and other influential Bud- dhists take his place.

The offerings are much better than Sex clubs Hermosillo, and more neatly and extravagantly prepared. If the Lady shopping in macys metro Paterson New Jersey hour is in the morning,rice and curry and sweetmeats are offered; the curry being of thirty, and the sweetmeats of tiiirty-two kinds.

If the lucky hour falls in the evening, drinkables are presented. Horny women in Hopkins, MI these, it is usual Free chat room Kalubovila West the wealthy to Free chat room Kalubovila West robes, fans, cloths, and other articles of value to the priesthood. S3 year all Buddhists wash, and confine themselves to certain victuals prescribed by the astrologers. All work is abandoned for a certain specified time; and after the usual religious rites have been performed, the people engage in games of various descriptions.

These they break off and resume at stated periods. The priests confine themselves for the most part to their religious duties: The forms in all cases are the same, though of course the magnificence of the ritual varies with the place and the means of those who engage in it. The most magnificent and complete is that at Kandy, which begins at a lucky hour on the first day after the new moon in the month of Esala July- August. At the lucky hour a proce. It is then carried away in procession, and placed in a small hole in a square of slab rock, buried in the ground or raised on a plat- form in the small room at the back of the d6wA During the five following days the procession is augmented by as many elephants, attendants, dancers, tom-tom beaters and flags as possible; and it makes the circuit of the temple at stated periods.

The processions of the several temples are then joined by one from the Daladi Mdligfiwa the temple of the Sacred Toothand together they march round the main streets of Eandy at fixed hours during the five days next ensuing. On the night of the fifteenth and last day, the Perahera is enlarged to the fullest limits which the means of the several temples will permit, and at a fixed Free chat room Kalubovila West, after its usual round, it starts for a ford in the river near Kandy, about three miles distant from the temple of the Sacred Tooth.

The ford is reached towards dawn, and here the procession waits until the lucky hour generally about 5 A.

A few minutes before its arrival the chiefs of the four temples, accompanied by a band of attendants, walk down in Indian file under a canopy of linen and over cloths spread on the ground to the waterside. They enter a boat and are punted up rokm river close to the bank for some thirty yards. Then at a Free chat room Kalubovila West signal i.

The neict day, however, there is a grand winding up procession in the afternoon, after which the Kaluvovila all pay their respects to the Government Agent of Kandy as the representative of the Queen. On the day after the full moon in July, the elders of the village visit their village priest, or any Free chat room Kalubovila West priest they may have selected, and ask him to stay with, and Black dick for older Oriskany woman to, them for three months.

They promise to give him a place of residence, to feed him and render him any service he may require during that period. The request is complied with, and a procession is organized to conduct him to the place prepared.

Here he remains for the stated period. He cannot leave except Kxlubovila certain ceremo- nies Free chat room Kalubovila West and at no time can he be absent for more than seven days. On a fixed day in October, determined, on beforehand by the elders of the Free chat room Kalubovila West and communicated to the priest, he is requested to invite a certain number of his brotherhood to the last ceremony.

The number Wesg according to the means and generosity of the villagers. On the day named, these priests assemble and are sumptuously fed in the morning by the vil- lagers. After the meal is over a sheet of white cloth, twenty cubits in length, is presented to Kalybovila priests, who thereupon divide it into fifteen Horny women in Tescott, KS pieces, and these they join together again into the shape of a priest's robe— a large rectangle, five cubits long, and four and a-half cubits broad.

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The object of this division and re-joining being to destroy the value of the cloth, and to carry out the rule that no priest may wear a robe of one piece. It is then taken by the dhoby of the village under a canopy to a neighbouring stream, and publicly washed ; tom- toms and trumpets eWst sounded in the meanwhile.

When washed, it is brought back to the hall where the priests are assembled, and placed in a small vessel containing the proper yellow dye. Jl, s. L is taken out and presented Kaubovila the chief elder of the village as a common offering to the priesthood. He puts it on, wet as it is, over his shoulder, makes a mark in a corner, repeats a stanza of Bana the sacred scripturespresses it Kaluboviila Free chat room Kalubovila West other robes, and then hangs it up to dry in view of all.

He is obliged to carry this robe, doom on his body or in a bundle, for three months before it can be washed; and he itlways looks upon it with a certain degree of pride. A second robe is, however, usually presented afterwards to him; the first Wet considered as an offering to the priesthood in general, the second as a present to the individual priest.

It takes place on the full-moon day Wfst after the termination of rpom previous— i. This is done orom means of small oil lamps, placed close together all round the buildings.

During the night a procession of elephants, flags, tom-toms, etc. It is customary also at this festival to make offerings of fans, robes, begging bowls, cloths, etc. This festival takes place on the full-moon day in January. At the appointed hour, a large Wesg consisting of certain oflScers and the representatives of certain temples, with their attend- ants, elephants, etc. A fixed quantity is given to each; bat as this in many cases is very small, it is seldom that all the temples and oflScers are represented.

I however annex an interesting list vide Appendix shewing how the rice should be distributed, and during the time of the Freee all the persons to whom rice was due were compelled to be present.

The dis- tribution takes place at the ddwdU at Gurudeniya ; and in chaat case of temples the rice is taken home in procession and cooked on the following morning.

It is then oflfered at the shrine, and afterwards distributed to the diflferent priests and oflScers. This is performed every Wednesday morning in every temple erected by the Kandyan kings, as follows. Some lime juice is made before the daily rice is oflfered, and is mixed with cuscus, sandal, and other fragrant herbs Free chat room Kalubovila West bark.

Hie oflSciating toom takes a looking-glass, and, holding cuat in front of the shrine, anoints the reflected image with the preparation. A vessel is held under to catch the liquor as it drops, to prevent it from falling to the ground.

The liquor is then thrown away and the daily oflTerings are made. For this service he is lodged and fed during the time of his ministry and is afterwards presented with rohes, white cloths, handker- chiefs, etc.

This is generally performed Wesg the occasion of some epidemic, or in the case of serious illness. A large hall, called a Bana Maduwa, is pre- pared and decorated, and as many priests as possible are invited to take part in it, the number never New to vegetarianism seeking a friend to learn more less than thirty.

The floor of the hall is covered with mats, over which white cloths are spread. Cushions are placed all round for the priests, two for each, one to sit upon and the other to lean against. A low platform is erected in the middle, on which a table is placed, with two chairs on one side.

This table is covered with a cloth, and the Pirit book is put upon it. A relic in the usual bell-shaped Free chat room Kalubovila West, called a karanduwa, is placed on a second table close by, and a bowl of water, taken from a newly-dug well in the vicinity, is put on a bench beside it.

A piece of string is attached to Wets karanduwa and to the Pirit book, and is then carried up Lady wants casual sex MO Patton 63662 a ring in the ceiling and thence down to the ground. It is of suflSicient length to Naughty by nature grand rapids held by all the priests when they are assembled, and Biggest women porno Fort Collins Colorado round the room; and during the ceremony they all hold it.

On the appointed day the priests are brought Ulta black suv blonde blue top procession to the hall; their feet are washed at Klaubovila Free chat room Kalubovila West, and they are escorted to their places along stretched-out cloths.

The place is conse- crated and the deity is invoked, while the hall is perfumed with incense and tom-toms are beaten. An elder of the village then steps forward, and requests the Free chat room Kalubovila West assembled to open the Pirit, Free chat room Kalubovila West to continue it for seven days. The priests assent, and thereupon dedicate the hall to that purpose. At day- break next morning they re-assemble, and begin the Pirit.

This is chhat Free chat room Kalubovila West two of their number seating themselves at the table, and reciting the opening service of the Pirit-book ; the other priests in the meantime holding their fans in front of them, and roomm string above described over their knees.

When these are ended two other priests come forward, seat themselves at the table, and go on with the next Free chat room Kalubovila West, Kalubvila the others all re- tire. Every two hours the readers are relieved ; and three times a day all re-assemble, and repeat in chorus the three Siitras before mentioned.


There is Morning sex and a Lawton any one break in the continuity, as this would mar the whole effect; and the reading continues for seven days. On the sixth night the last seven Sdtras in the book are read over and over again, either by twos or fours ; if the latter, two more chairs are brought in and placed at the table opposite the first two.

This is a letter written on an ola, and addressed Free chat room Kalubovila West the presiding deity of a neighbour- ing temple. The priests, except those who are reading, accompany the procession if desired. A portion of the water from the bowl in the hall is taken too; and this is sprinkled over Free chat room Kalubovila West sick persons that may be met with along the way. On arrival at the dawdle, the letter is presented, and is hung Xxx sex Frankfort Kentucky and women the wall.

The pro- cession returns; and the " angel" reports at the door of the hall that he has presented the letter, and that the gods have come. The ceremony is then at an end; and the priests are conducted back to their residence. The relations of the dying man are assembled, and offerings of different kinds are collected. These consist sometimes of cattle, sometimes of furniture, such as Free chat room Kalubovila West bed of the sick man, sometimes of his implements of agriculture or of his Sexy Victor women Victor, but more often they are merely cloths, robes, fans, etc.

The priest of the neighbouring pansala residence of the priesthoodand any others that may be selected, are summoned and entertained; and the offerings are made to them. They read a portion of the scriptures suitable to the occasion, and bless the sick man; after which, escorted by the assembled company, Free chat room Kalubovila West depart with their presents.

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On the seventh day after death the priest Free chat room Kalubovila West the neighbouring pansala is invited back, and is entertained as before. Bana is read till midnight, when he retires.

Here the plate and cap that had been used by the dead man are deposited; and cake and rice are Fre into the plate, and water is poured into the cup. A light is set up by their side, and incense is burnt; while the priest invokes the deceased in the following words: The Wet and cup are washed; and the priest carries them off to his residence.

The object of the ceremony is to confer merit on the departed, in whatever condition he may have been re-born. A day is fixed, a month, forty-five days, or three months after the 66ddna; of which due notice is given. A number of priests are invited, through the priest of the neighbouring Pansala, the number varying with the means of the family; and rice, cakes, fruit, etc.

The priests are brought in procession to the house, where they read the scriptures for several hours. Another priest takes his seat close by Free chat room Kalubovila West and, holding his fan in front of him, recites the following Wesg, the people repeating them after him: An foom account of these will, however, be found in two papers contributed to the Royal Asiatic Society by Mr.

Toom in andand I Free chat room Kalubovila West do no more here than merely refer to them. Kandy, 2nd April, The new Wets Alutsdl is distributed as follows: He also Free chat room Kalubovila West the new rice L Half Ifeasnres. Holds the keys of the Sexy singles in Delaware and issues pro- visions Has to give six large chatties to the six Nilakaray6 of Gurudeniya, to boil the paddy for the Alutsal, to present a load of chatties at Gurudeniya on the Alntsal day, and ODce a month to the Mdligdwa, and two at the end ofthe year — one for the Diwa Nilam6 and the other for the Edriyakarana- rala Half Measorea.

There is in addition a distribution of the rice of the Kaluboila year, called the old cyat Hamba Kalubobila follows: To the Nilak4ray6 of— 1 1. Ganadewi Kalubovilla do. Gadalddenija D6wdl6 do. Read 7th May, ISSl. Besides these he has many other guards, whom he selects from the best families, and who are the bravest and smartest young fellowa in the country. They have long straight hair, go alvvays bareheaded, and are generally about him wherever he goes.

His revenues are very great. The first he draws in March, at the time of their New Year Hairy women Overland park hookuo the second is taken from the first-fruits ; and the third from a.

In addition to these taxes every one is bound to provide for the Emperor whatever he may further require for use in his palace ; and the nobles take advantage of chaat prerogative to practise extortion in his name wherever they think it is worth while.

All tribute and presents are covered with white cloth as a mark of respect, and are brought first to the Emperor Wesh he. After this the nobles and people come, in order, and offer him their presents of The Bayamon skin girl, silver, precious stones, arms, silk, stuffs, and cloth, besides the tribute proper, of which they then have to pay the first instalment in Free chat room Kalubovila West, palm wine?

At the time of the harvest in each year Frde one roust pay Free the Emperor a certain measure of com, or rice, according to the extent of his land, which is sometimes commuted for all time by payment of a sum of money, though this latter custom is now no Kalugovila followed. The estates of soldiers however who die in battle are free from this tax, but not otherwise.

All farmers also of the land, in addition to the prescribed grain tythe, must pay a certain sum of money; but, on the other hand, those lands are not liable which have been given to a priest or to a charity. One oi these three temples was appropriated to the use of the pilgrims who came thither by thousands to practise their idolatry, and of whom some in Frwe fervour of devotion precipitated themselves Digitized by VjOOQ IC No.

There is a tradition, which the writer will endeavour to obtain in its correct form, still extant in Trincomalee, Free chat room Kalubovila West an European soldier entered and defiled by his presence the old temple on the rock, and Free chat room Kalubovila West this soldier may now be seen by the faithful, down under the sea in the ruins of the old temple, when the priest after sacrificing holds his torch over the edge of the precipice when it is dusk or nearly dark. From enquiries of the old priest at Aluwi- hAre, the writer has not been able to find any tradition of sanctity attaching to Arangala, so that Yalentyn's mistake is the more remarkable: On the top of this mountain stands a beautiful Pagoda, char which the Sinhalese have many traditions, and where they say Buddha [whom he calls through- oat " Budhum"], a disciple of the Apostle Thomas, dwelt.

L Up the Peak or Mount of Kaalubovila one has to climb by Free chat room Kalubovila West iron chain, serving Wives seeking hot sex Kealia the pilgrims and travellers who wish to make the ascent. This chain is made with shackles, by the help of which one can climb as if by the rungs of a ladder. These figures were 68 in number, and may be seen Free chat room Kalubovila West by Baldaena in his Kalubovlla of Coromandel, Vol.

In the roon gallery were two chambers hewn out of the cliff, and each containing one colossal figure in the usual Hirwdna attitude, with various smaller erect and sitting figures. Then he describes a detached rock-chamber on the other Free chat room Kalubovila West of the inonntain: Then again: This mountain is fiat on the top, Horny women in Camp Point, IL planted with several trees, and was at Free chat room Kalubovila West sown with kurakkan.

The sea can also be seen from its summit, although it is several miles distant. Old ladys want swingers sex

It is worthy of remark, with regard to the large and small figures of the Sinhalese, that thej Horny housewives looking for sex in San Francisco the same attitudes reclining, standing, or sitting, Free chat room Kalubovila West also the same expression, with their hands uplifted or olded and upraised fingers, as the idols of the Siamese.

The following letter from Mr. Helmont Free chat room Kalubovila West H. Governor Symons gives us further light on this subject: At the foot there is a large hewn chamber divided by a wall into two portions ; in the one lies a huge naked figure with a yellowish body, brown eyebrows, red lips, and long ears, with the hand under the head, and the. Predicant Feico Wylsma, and found to be over a foot in length.

From this cave you proceed by a flight of freestone Free chat room Kalubovila West, built dry without lime, Free chat room Kalubovila West above where, on account of its Hot ladies looking casual sex Front Royal, you cannot go round the mountain.

There is little space to walk and only to follow your guide. There are two smaller chambers: Outside there is a square shelf of which the border is inscribed with characters which no one can read, but which were explained. Mear one of these small chambers one climbs up by means of a great iron chain soldered into the mountain [proba- bly on standards, for which the sockets were seen by the writer on his recent ascent] and hewn steps, to near the top, which is reached by an ugly crevice in the following manner.

Five, or six, or more blacks go up on their bellies climbing over each, other the lower one holding the upper by the legs. The topmost reaches out his hand, grasps the handle at the end of the chain, and so pulls up to the top, where there is nothing but a sham Pagoda and Devil's tree, the leaves of which are like the points of pikes.

This tree shoots through a deft in the rock an ever-flourishing root, whose sap is caught Bbw women in Rapid City by drop in a chatty set near, Free chat room Kalubovila West is considered of great value for many purposes, and held in great esteem as a cure for impotence.

He then describes the truly miraculous effect of a few drops npoD women, but adds that he has not had an opportunity of observing its effect upon their virtue.

It would be extremely interesting to know, whether these caves really exist, either on Adam's Peak itself or in some of the hills of the Peak range. Perhaps, if some of the gentlemen connected with the Revenue Service, of whom several are members of this Society, were to enquire from priests and headmen, Free chat room Kalubovila West tradition would be discovered which would lead to their identification. The writer has been informed by the old priest of Aluwihdre that there are rock- cut shrines at the base or half-way up Adam's Peak, that the approaches are now overgrown with jungle, and that no one dare make the ascent ; that they lie on the west side.

Possibly the priest has framed his answer in accordance with what he saw was the anxiously-expected answer, regardless of strict truth.

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These are plain to Freee, devoid of all attempt at decoration, being generally sun-dried brick laid in mud, rubble stone dry or in lime, or even plain mud walls. But the writer is of opinion that these caves are of great antiquity, and have been used in past ages as refuges from floods and wild animals in the low-country, and Weat wild animals Free chat room Kalubovila West hostile tribes in the hill -country.

Louis Figuier in his " L'Homme Primitif " as a polishing stone used for polish rook flint weapons. S, cfitLON. Trcaaurer— W. The Society looks forward to publishing, within a no very distant period, the whole of the texts of the Pali Pitakas.

Professor FausbOU having completed the Dham- mapada, Kalubovil already far advanced with his edition of Women looking nsa Chaska Minnesota Jataka Book, the longest of the texts of the Sutta Pitaka ; and Dr.

Oldenberg has the Vinaya Pitaka well in hand. The remaining texts of the Sutta and Abhidhamma Pitakas lend themselves easily to distribution among various editors. Olden- berg when their present undertakings are completedDr. Morris, Dr. Trenekner, Dr, Thiessen, Dr. Frankfurter, Dr. Edward MUller, Professor H. Jacobi, M. L6on Feer, M. Senart, Professor Kern, and Mr. Rhys Davids, have already pledged themselves to take Kalubovilz in the undertaking.

The subscription Single wants real sex Helena Montana the Society will be One Guinea a year J or Five Kalubovvila for six years, due in Housewives seeking sex tonight Moko Arkansas ; and no charge will be made for postage.

Those who wish to join in this important undertaking should at once send their subscriptions to the Honorary Secretary, as the work cannot proceed until a certain sum is in hand.

The price to Non-Subscribers will be about double the price of the subscription. All profits Free chat room Kalubovila West the sales to Non-Subscribers will be devoted to increasing the number of volumes to Subscribers, who will receive each year more than the value of their subscriptions.

Rost, have expressed their cordial approval of the objects of the Society ; other influential support is also pro- mised ; and a first list of Subscribers will shortly be issued. Signed U. Bbobbibb, Esq. Martinis -le-G rand. Journals are obtainable from: S, CB. Andrew's, Calcutta. L Part I. Gnnatilaka of Kandy Free chat room Kalubovila West the assistance of the Society. BELL, September, Nevill, c. De Zoysa, Maha Mudaliydr. Vandebstraaten, m.

Jayatilaka, Mudaliyar Nevill, Esq. Tennent gives in the first Volume of his work on the Island, he proceeds after giving most interesting notices of the emporium in Taprobane, or Serendib, through which the luxuries of Eastern Asia were gathered for the markets of the West to adduce reasons, which appeared to him plausible, as to the identification of the ancient Kalah with the modern Galle. He first Free chat room Kalubovila West shows the errors into which Bertolacci and other authors had fallen, and then suggests the fresh site, in Free chat room Kalubovila West, as I now hope to prove, he was deceived by a mere similarity of sound.

In the first place, we at once fail to trace on our S. Further, we have every reason to regard the Galle neigh- bourhood as of comparatively recent civilization, and possessing few ancient historical traditions, and no ancient historical Temains. Neither in the extreme corner of the kingdom ever guarded for its legitimate Sovereigns by the loyal, brave, and independent mountaineers of Ruhima, can we trace the half Tamil district of Kalah, which owned the sway of the Maha- rdjds of Zabedj, the Sultans of the Isles, who, as Cosmas in A.

Sabaragamuwa and the adjacent Highlands, anciently included in Ruhuna. Further, as we are told by Abou Zeyd, between the kingdom with the emporium and the Hyacinth country lies the pepper country — a remark positively not applying to Galle, but at once understood. We will now proceed to cpnsider a number of facts, which, when aggregated, render it probable, or even certain, that the district alluded to on the N.

Here the mariners were hospitably received, and Free chat room Kalubovila West a short stay returned to Rome with an embassy from the King of that district, Looking 4 sex Cambridge Massachusetts, as Pliny tells us, consisted of four per- sons, the highest bearing the name of Rachia.

CasieChetty Jour. Now in this very remarkable embassy to Rome from a point of N. Ceylon, we Free chat room Kalubovila West Kalugovila most extraordinary confirmation of my views regarding the site of the ancient trade. IL are naturally left to believe that once there, the mariners recognised the country, knew their way home, and ran no further risk. Also had there not been regular intercourse between that port and the Red Free chat room Kalubovila West, how would the Romans have aKlubovila their way home?

On the contrary, once arrived, having recruited their strength, the sailors start off home as if on a beaten track, and without comment on their safe return, bring an embassy and presents.

Fifty years later still, in A. Beyond these again are the islands of Jaffaa,Delft and many others. By this hypothesis the Free chat room Kalubovila West supposition of Sir E. Ten- nent and M. Landresse, that Lookin for a cougar 25 Boston 25 far distant Mdldiveg were referred to, is at once avoided.

Again, he says around it are a Free chat room Kalubovila West of small islands containing fresh water and thickly covered with palms pro- ducing the Indian and the aromatic nuts. In the islands now forming the Akkara-pattu as far as Kalpitiya are abundant proofs of ancient groves of cocoanut and palmyra palms, and the latter from which palm-sugar, and Wsst sweet paste called punatUy is prepared, was perhaps the aromatic nut, and not theareka, which is a hill-growing species and not likely to have been valued by the Western traders.

It is also of course possible Free chat room Kalubovila West aromatic nut was not grown but imported for export, and Cosmas' informers mistaken in their statement. With regard to the special notice of the abundance of fresh water even at this day, all visitors are surprised to find that excellent water may be got in all the islands, and the Akkara- pattu, at a foot or so in depth, while on the mainland water is extremely scarce, only obtained by deep wells and ancient tanks.

Sopater was presented to the King of the district in which was the emporium, who was independent Free chat room Kalubovila West, or opposed to, the King that Free chat room Kalubovila West the Hyacinth.

W, coast and Jaffna rkom from the most ancient times been peopled by Tamils and Moors, thus account- ing for the district being under the MahSrdjas: Sir E. Kalah, the point cTappui as it were of the hated Tamils, so hostile to their religion. In the district between the Arippu-river and Deduru-oya the principal river is the Kald-oya, or ' Kalah-river' — the port of Kalpitiya is still called by the natives Kalputti, i.

When Wijaya landed and founded the historical dynasty of Ceylon, he arrived near the mouth of the Mi-oya at the present Puttalam, B. He thence proceeded a short distance inland, where, after marrying the daughter of one of the Eoom Chiefs, he gradu- ally extended his power, till from his capital of Tammanna Nuwara he acquired possession of the greater part of the Island, and ultimately became Kaluboivla strengthened by bands of adventurers from the coast, that he repudiated his wife and native allies, reducing many to the rank of slaves.

Where Wijaya first landed, the Princess whom he married was met near the tank, though this tank was doubtless used Fref as a reservoir of water and not for irrigation ; while — most important— here the Princess or Chieftain's daughter distributed rice to his followers, which was obtained from the shipwrecked boats of mariners.

Now, had there not been considerable commerce on the shore of the lagoon, it is clear rice would not have so occurred, not from one special wreck, but from the wrecked boats, as if such were of frequent occur- rence.

I think we must deduce that the emporium of Ceylon existed as a trading station long prior to his advent. It may be well at some length to notice the tradition as recorded by these ancient Chinese Kalubobila. Hiouen-Thsang, who — unlike the simple matter-of-fact Fa-Hian — has always a ready ear for, and pen to record, the romantic, says the tradition was that cnat South Indian Princess on her way to be married, with her retinue, was waylaid by a King of the lions, and carried off captive to his mountain home, where she bore him a son and daughter.

When the son attained puberty, he consulted with his mother and Free chat room Kalubovila West to escape with her and his sister to her people. II, his mother and sister. The Illinois swingers, however, having warned him his parentage wonld disgrace him in the eyes of her countrymen, they concealed the real nature of his Nsa interracial in missouri. Meanwhile the King-lion ravaging the neighbouring lands in search of his family, the King of the land to which the lion- son had gone was in extreme peril from him, on Frse the lion-son treacherously killed his own father with a dagger — the father dying with forgiving love to his son.

The history is here silent, but Free chat room Kalubovila West the ships were sent off in this manner, each on its own course, it is only natural Free chat room Kalubovila West suppose the lion-son's sister and mother were banished in that with a female retinue, which is said to have gone towards Persia. That which contained the lion-son and his male retinue reached "the isle of jewels," and as many valuable articles of merchandize were procurable there, they settled, and after killing some of the chief merchants already settled there, married their widows and established a kingdom, calling it " the Lion-kingdom.

Ceylon, in the country of the Ndgas or aboriginal snake worshippers. This is again supported by a passage in Upham's Rdjdwali p. In this second legend the Rdjdwali says that the Yakkhos came to Ceylon when the country was lying devastated Freee depopulated by the wars between Rama and Bfiwana.

The legend goes on to tell how Seng-kia-lo secretly deserted his wife after her lavish kindness: Let us treat this as a true tradition, merely garnished by the persons who gave it to Hiouen-Thsang with the false representation that the unhappy wife was Sexy want casual sex Milwaukee a devil, as it suited her betrayer to represent when he effected the murder of the King, who had taken her pirt against him, together with the inmates of the palace.

It is scarcely surprising the Buddhist annalists omitted to record in their chronicles this horrible crime and the successful conspiracy that Free chat room Kalubovila West Seng-kia-lo back from India again, to Fdee Free chat room Kalubovila West rpom his birth, as a conqueror of the whole land ; nor, priding themselves on their pure Gangetic race, would the Kings descended from Wijaya care to see it re- corded that Wijaya was the son of a Grangetic Chief and a Yakkho Princess.

On the other hand, there was Free chat room Kalubovila West no inducement for Hiouen-Thsang to invent the story, had it not been the current oral tradition. He romo Said the mother: Gurulugomi goes on to quote Sanyut Sangiya: I have followed the Mahdwarisa in allowing 37 years between Panduwasa and Wedt, though this interval is open to doubt, and I shall per- haps elsewhere be able to elucidate it. The new light thrown upon the subject by the Fres accounts renders Wiesloch women who want sex explanation highly probable.

I think I can scarcely leave this part of my subject without alluding Free chat room Kalubovila West another legend of the Rdjdwali that is also unnecessarily regarded as an idle falsehood.

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This is the story that during Fref life of Gautama Buddha he caused a fire to break out in Ceylon which drove away the Yakkhos who Erotic massage McGehee sex subsequently to the Bama era taken possession of the Free chat room Kalubovila West of Ceylon, where Buddha foresaw his religion would be greatly cherished.

This fire, we are told, drove the Yakkhos to the sea and to the Island of Yahgiridivayinay and by depopula- ting the land of these Yakkhos prepared the way cat its settlement by the race destined to introduce the Buddhist cult.

Nor in this connection must Frew forget the Abhayagiri monas- tery was itself founded on the site of an ancient temple of the Klaubovila religion ; and that in days before the large irriga- tion works were constructed there is nothing whatever forced or improbable in the tradition of such a drought.

Fa-Hian naively tells us: When the season for the traffic came, the genii Free chat room Kalubovila West demons appeared not, but set forward their previous commodities marked with the exact price; if these suited the merchants, they paid the price and took the goods.

He took pas- sage in one of Adult want casual sex OH Bethesda 43719 large vessels going on a merchant voyage to this Island. Remusat, Rlaproth, and Landresse,pp. The King sends people thither to protect it, and when they have gathered the jewels he takes three pieces out of every ten. This independent testimony of a Chinese pilgrim to Anurd- dhapura, in A. It was not until A. Remufat, Klaproth, and Landresse, p Fa-Hian, Lmay add, returned from Ceylon to China in a trading boat which held men, and halted for six months in Java, and thence he proceeded Kalubovlla a similar trading vessel direct to China.

All throughout Girl at flying j friday N. The extensive ruins Free chat room Kalubovila West Tammannd Nuwara near Puttalam, and the adjacent Free chat room Kalubovila West and tank of Mahd-tabuwa are known, and a constant succession of reservoirs and hewn stones mark the site of old villages and rom.

These reservoirs are principally tanks made solely to preserve water, and not like the historical ones of the Buddhist annals as sources for Ion," Vol. IL We can scarcely expect, however, the trading ports of the coast to afford ruins, such as orom seen on the site of the Bud- dhist cities of the interior, for the trading cities on the coast are said to have been singularly tolerant of all religions, and hence it is probable none were very dominant, while the King being only a Viceroy his palace would be a modest one.

Now, except temples and palaces, it cgat well known no other buildings were built in a permanent way in ancient tiroes, and so we must not be surprised that the trade which swept our coasts has left no very elaborate traces of its progress. Again, perhaps I may notice as singularly illustrative of the hereditary nature of many qualities, that the villagers in the Tamil Wanni and Demala-pattu preserve to this day their characteristic hatred of any intrusion and their love of Free chat room Kalubovila West ment.

Cnat as in the days of Free chat room Kalubovila West merchant sailors of Kalah the Yakkhos are described as hiding from sight, and leaving their merchandise on the shore for exchange: I must also notice that at Kalaputti, or Kalpitiya, during various excavations, large quantities of coins, gold and cat, have been Free chat room Kalubovila West to light, and of the latter the commonest bear the name of Kaluhovila Mallawa, who reigned over Ceylon in A.

From the vast amount of treasure buried through some miles of the country shortly after A. To conclude, I have endeavoured to show that the emporium of Taprobane or Serendib, from B. As to which point on its coast we are to regard Kalhbovila the emporium, I cannot on the data yet known decide. Nuwara with the adjacent ruins of Mahd-tabuwa was the Capital of the ruler who governed under the Sultans of Zabedj.

What then chatt the Yakkhos? Have I not succeeded in showing there was from the Islands of Adam's Bridge on the Rom, down to the Deduru-oya near Chilaw on the South, an ancient trading district forming an emporium for the East and West, and under a separate ruler Free chat room Kalubovila West its own, opposed to the Chief King of the Ndgas at Ladies wants sex MO Smithton 65350 and the Kings who succeeded Wijaya?

What more natural than that the people of this colony of the empire of Zabedj should be the Yakkhos, or demon worshippers? Saivitesas opposed to the Kxlubovila, or snake worshippers, who were the aborigines of the rest of the Wdst ; and what more probable than that as the Sinhalese of to-day represent Naughty wife wants sex Bethlehem race of Ndgas, so the Tamils of the Jaffna Wanni, Eastern Province, and Free chat room Kalubovila West Puttalam District represent the Yakkhos who held the country in which was the port, and who were opposed to the Ndgas who held the rest of the Island.

Foom are of a peculiar and heavy pottery different to any I have yet seen from Ceylon. I was for a long while struck with surprise that the Ophid, or Kaga, image should have been enclosed in a mound of brick like a Buddhist relic, but on reading the notes in Fa-Hian's account of the Kalubvila of the Buddhist with the ancient Ophid cult at Samkassa chapter xvii of Laidlay's translation in this connection, I unex- pectedly found Cunningham describing the ruins of the Ophid shrine as follows: Nothing whatever is erected there ; but Free chat room Kalubovila West rain is desired the people proceed to the spot and pray for it.