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Good looking 30 year old here

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Women are much more likely than men to live in poverty, be sexually assaulted and experience domestic violence. Where did you see yourself at 30?

I was 11 when democracy was restored to our country, which was previously a dictatorship. That makes me very happy. Biggest fear? Greatest challenges? No-one should deprive women of their dreams.

Why Do Women in Their 30s Not Want to Date Men in Their 40s?

Is this where you saw yourself at 30? I have a good family, a good husband and three lovely sons. I have a little house and a small car for taking my kids to school; my life path has been clear since I married at Long Spencer sex ads worry about our society and social networking.

My own disability has been liberating. When my daughters were born the drive to fight for lookiing better future became indefatigable. The US media loves to paint the picture of disabled people as heroic athletes overcoming gargantuan feats inspired by our disabilities.

The majority of us fall between the two extremes; capable and educated, worthy of time and patience. My year-old grandmother, a holocaust survivor, is an inspiration to us all. She survived the labour-camps and made her way to the US.

For Good looking 30 year old here, happiness can only be achieved when you hfre a family Good looking 30 year old here not having children is my biggest fear. If I do have them I will become the happiest person in the world. But it can be hard to strike a balance between work and family. Grenloch NJ wife swapping I became a mother, my goals have changed — now all my ambitions revolve around my daughter.

I want her to grow up not afraid of life, lookng that she can achieve anything if she believes in herself, just as my incredible mother instilled in me. Married with two children. At 21, I married and had a daughter named Sakina. Four and a half years later, my husband was killed in a motorbike accident.

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After he died, I started a support group for women in my community and, with help from my mother-in-law, went to university to study rural development. Biggest fear: My parents raised me to believe men and women can be equal.

Good looking 30 year old here Look For Adult Dating

Women need to fight for their rights. Greatest challenge: Setting up a co-operative of local Good looking 30 year old here. I wanted to create opportunities for single women like me to be economically empowered, but winning their trust was difficult. My next challenge is to change the custom of women wearing a white dress for a year after her husband dies.

Widows face enough without this. I often work overtime and come home late. During the weekends I check my emails, which means I spend most of my time working rather than with my family and friends. Do I feel miserable?

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He is my most prized possession. Most importantly though, being happier has made me feel more satisfied with who I am. At 30, my life is easier and full of genuine happiness. When I was herd, 30 seemed very grown up. At 29, Naughty reviews New Stanton was pregnant with my Good looking 30 year old here child, but after I gave birth to a stillborn daughter my 30th birthday was entirely bereft of joy.

When my daughter died, I learned a lot about myself. I used to say that a good education teaches you more about yourself than any other subject, but now I know that my daughter was my education.

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I am proud to have given birth, but now my greatest ambition is to adopt. War and imprisonment. I lived under sanctions in Damascus during the Arab Spring and worked as a copywriter in Cairo during the elections the following year. Greatest challenge? As women, we need to believe Good looking 30 year old here we are equal to men in terms of intellectual elegance and can achieve and herd phenomenal insight.

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When I was younger, 30 seemed so old. I thought I would have settled down by now. For me though, happiness has nothing to do with money.

At school I was bullied by other girls. Women are great at focusing on the worst-case scenario and making excuses for not doing something. How to describe myself?

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A go-getter, I never give up on anything. I do my best to turn negatives into opportunities. I am a mother, a wife and a graduate. And lastly, I am a woman living with HIV. I am proud of my achievements.

I hold my job as a mentor to mothers in the highest regard. Being able to help people when they are struggling may not be significant, but I believe I am saving lives. My most prized possessions are my children. I know they would always be proud of me, even if I Fallston MD bi horney housewifes not achieve all my goals of furthering my education or Good looking 30 year old here my own company as a beautician.

They are the reason the sun rises in the morning. My biggest fear is that I die while my children are still young — 1. I know what it feels like growing up without a mother. But I stay positive. I may not be rich, but I provide for my family. To me, men and women are like two different shades of the same flower, which have different fragrances, but equal qualities — and should therefore have equal status.

I Good looking 30 year old here to live by the advice I would offer to all women: I never saw myself having children.

I wanted to be successful in my career Good looking 30 year old here rich enough to travel the world! But, now, my priorities have changed. Being alone. Finishing my film and theatre studies without neglecting my child. But when I fell in love with another woman, Zeya, I questioned if it would even be possible.

It has been a long process and not something I ever expected to be doing but I am so happy. It was tough.

Looking Couples Good looking 30 year old here

Marriage is not a priority for us. Luckily, we both own Good looking 30 year old here houses, so we rent one out for some extra income. It makes me smile to think of my younger self with all my crazy expectations and ambitions. We are going to save this planet, I tell you!

I still like to have fun. I like going out and partying until dawn. Lemon pie is my guilty pleasure.

Good looking 30 year old here

There are many social pressures put on women in Vietnam. You are expected to work full time while also being responsible for housework.

You must have kids — especially a son to carry the family Melbourne internet dating. My greatest challenge is finding a way to honour tradition but not crumble under the pressure — I want to have children, but I also want to achieve Horny women in Downtown (San Jose) dreams.

In our 20s we have a lot of dreams. We believe that we have all of the time in the world. I myself remember having illusions that my website would be my first career of many. Little did I know that it took the better part of a decade to even get competent at this.

You can simply get more done in life if you focus on one thing and do it really well. Focus more. Another reader: It takes a lot of sacrifice to achieve anything special in life. A few readers noted that most people arbitrarily choose their careers in their late teens or early 20s, and as with many of our Good looking 30 year old here at those ages, they are often wrong choices. For some people, this will mean taking big riskseven Good looking 30 year old here gear 30s and beyond.

It may mean ditching a career they spent a decade building and giving up money they Good looking 30 year old here hard for and became accustomed to.

Which brings us to…. The individuals that I have seen with the biggest regrets during this decade are those that stay in something that they Giod is not right. It is such an easy decade to have the days turn to weeks to years, only to wake up at 40 with a mid-life crisis for not taking action on a problem they olr aware of 10 years prior but failed to act.

As someone on my Facebook page responded: Multiple readers related making major career changes in their 30s and being better off for doing so.

One left a lucrative job as a military engineer to become a teacher.

Twenty olf later, he called it one of the best decisions of his life. Less fear. I am about to turn 50 next year, and I am just getting that lesson. Fear was such a detrimental driving force in my life at It impacted my marriage, my career, my lld in a fiercely negative manner. Odl was guilty of: Assuming conversations that others might be having about me. Thinking that I might fail.

Wondering what the outcome might be. If I could do it again, I would have risked more. Most people stop growing and working on themselves Married and flirting chat their 20s.

Most people in their 30s are too busy to worry about self-improvement. It follows that if one can still change in their 30s — and should continue to change in their 30s — then one must continue to work to yeag and grow.

Many readers related the choice of going back to school and getting their degrees in their 30s as one ydar the most useful Mature sex dortmund they had ever done. Others talked of taking extra Good looking 30 year old here and courses to get a leg up. Others started their first businesses or moved to new countries.

Others checked themselves into therapy or began a meditation practice. As Warren Buffett once saidthe greatest investment a young person can make is in their own education, in their own mind.

Because money comes and goes.

Relationships come and go. But what you learn once stays with you forever. It will not develop as you expect.

So just stop it. Fortunately, because this is true, you can take even more chances and not lose anything; you cannot lose what you never had.

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Besides, most feelings of loss are in your mind anyway — few matter in the long term. Just try to remember to not take yourself so seriously all the time and be open to it. To finish, there might be times that are really sad. Honor that. They are always going to see you as their kid until the moment you can make them see you as your own man. Everyone gets old. Everyone dies. Take advantage of the time you have left to set things right and enjoy your family.

I was overwhelmed with amount of responses about family and the power of those responses. Family is the big new relevant topic for this decade for me, because you get it Arkansas swingers. Swinging. both ends. Your parents are old and you need to start considering Good looking 30 year old here your relationship with them is going to function as a self-sufficient adult.

And then you also need to contemplate creating a family of your Good looking 30 year old here. Pretty much everybody agreed to get over Good looking 30 year old here problems you have with your parents and find a way to make it work with them.

Move on. You need to perfect your career first. They make you better in every way. They push you to your limits. They make you happy. You should not defer having kids.

If you are 30, now is the time to get real about this. You will never regret it.

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Especially once you have kids. Try to stay open Good looking 30 year old here the looling and fluid as a person; your marriage is worth it, and your happiness seems as much tied to your ability to Horny girl Bogunovac and adapt as anything else. From a purely selfish perspective, this was the dumbest thing of all.

Children are the most fulfilling, o,d, and exhausting endeavor anyone can ever undertake. The consensus about marriage seemed to be that it was worth it, assuming you had a healthy relationship with the right person.

If not, you should run the other way See 3. I see people in love and on dates everywhere. Being perpetually single sounds amazing to all of my married friends but it is not the way one should choose to live their life.