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Looking for someone to spend some spare time with

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Are there a hundred different things you wish you could Indianola IL wife swapping with your life someday — anything from exercising to meditation or yoga to writing that novel you always wished you could write to fo more to relaxing and watching the sunrise?

But some of us have made the time for doing the things we love doing, and others have allowed the constant demands and pressures and responsibilities of life to dictate their days.

4 Best Things Do in your Free Time - What to do when you’re bored - YouTube

Reclaim your time. Create the life you want and make the most of the free time you lay claim to.

Take my life, for example: I always wanted to travel, but who can get away? I finally got smart and decided that my life is my Looking for someone to spend some spare time with, to do with as I Out of towner seeking random hook up, and so I took a time out to decide Looking for someone to spend some spare time with I really wanted my life to be like.

Then I designed my life, and made a series of decisions and steps to get my life to what I wanted it to be. Today, I wake early and exercise or spend some quiet time reading and writing. I write this blog. I run and have finally run a marathon two actually and completed a triathlon. I spend afternoons and evenings and all weekends with my Lookinv and wife.

Even if you just want to free up a little time for a hobby or for doing something relaxing, you can do that. Not all of these will be applicable somrone your life — choose the ones you can apply and give them a try:. Previous post: Life Laundry Day: Next post: Join two million breath-taking readers: But perhaps you never have the time, like most people.

Reclaiming that free time Take my life, for example: Take a time out. Freeing up your time starts with taking a step back to take a good look at your life. You need to block off at least an hour. Several hours or half a day is better.

A whole day would be awesome. A weekend would be even more ideal, though not necessary practical for many folks. With this block of time, take a look at your life with some perspective.

Looking for someone to spend some spare time with

What things actually fill up your day? Are there things you could drop or minimize to make more time? Find your essentials. What is it that you love to do? Make a short list of things. These are the things you want to make room for.

Find your time-wasters. Figure out what you do simply to waste time — maybe surfing certain sites, watching TV, talking a lot at the water cooler, etc. Schedule the time.

As you sit down and think about your life and what you want to do, versus what you actually do, you will be looking at ways to free up time.

Looking for someone to spend some spare time with

If you want to exercise, for example, when will you do it? Put the blocks of time on your schedule, and make these Local fuck friend South orleans Massachusetts the most important appointments of your week.

Schedule the rest of your life around these blocks. There are many things you do, scattered throughout withh day or your week, that you might be able to consolidate in order to save time. A good example is errands — instead of running one or two a day, do them all in one day to save time and gas. Another example is email, or any kind of communication — batch process your email instead of checking and reading Looking for someone to spend some spare time with responding throughout the day.

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Same thing with meetings, paperwork, anything that you do regularly. Cut out meetings. As much as you can, minimize the number of meetings you hold and attend.

In some cases this might mean talking to your boss and telling her that you have other priorities, and asking to be excused. In other cases this might mean asking the people holding the meeting if you can get the info in other ways. Declutter your schedule. Postpone other stuff.

Leave big blank spaces in your schedule. Re-think your routine. Is there a better way of doing things? Cut back on email. How often do you check email? How much time do you spend composing emails? If you spend a major part of your work day on email, as many people do and as I once didsomeoone can free up a lot of time by reducing the time you spend in email. Read more. Learn Looking for someone to spend some spare time with say no. Keep your list to 3. When you make out your daily to-do list, just list the three Most Important Tasks you somr to accomplish today.

Looking for someone to spend some spare time with I Wanting Sex Hookers

By keeping your task list small, but populated only by important tasks, you ensure that you are getting the important stuff done but not overloading yourself. Do your Wiht Rock first. It starts your day with a sense of major accomplishment, and leaves you with a lot of free time the rest of the day, because the most important thing is already done.

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If you have subordinates or coworkers who can do a task or project, try to delegate it. Delegating allows you to focus on the core tasks and projects you should be focusing on. Cut out distractions. What is there around your workspace that distracts you from the task at hand? That equals time saved for the good stuff.

Tough Interview Question - How do you spend your spare time? How do you spend your spare time? Similar interview questions: Do you have any hobbies? While some candidates may view this as a privacy and/or personal life intrusion, the reality is that interviewers are typically asking this question to get to know you as a person. Jun 24,  · The annual American Time Use Survey, released on Friday from the Labor Department, breaks down how Americans spend their days by a number of characteristics, including employment status, gender, age and whether children are in the home. 20 Productive Ways to Use Your Free Time. Leo Babauta. have fun, decompress from a stressful day, or spend time with a loved one. But if you’ve just got a little chunk — say 5 or 10 minutes — there’s no time to do any of the fun stuff. and I have some spare time, I like to go to my Google Reader and clear out my feed Leo Babauta.

The biggest of distractions, for most people, is the Internet. Set certain times of the day for connectivity, and only connect during those periods. With the Internet, we can connect with people from all over the world.

Make use of your mornings. I find that mornings are the absolute best times to schedule the things I Fuck tonight Hattiesburg Mississippi want to do.

I run, read and write in the mornings — three of the four things on my Essentials List spending time with family is the other thing tmie the list. The Golden Right-after-work Time.

Other than mornings, I find the time just after work to be an incredible time for doing Essential things.

Look For Sexual Encounters Looking for someone to spend some spare time with

Lookking Your evenings. What do you want to do with this time? Spend time with your kids? Take advantage of this time. Lunch breaks. Some people like to exercise, or to take quiet times, during their lunch breaks. Others use this time to work on an important personal goal or project. Wednesday, July 23, Previous post: Habit Program.