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Our overview of life at MSU and accomplish- ments of its students is far from exhaustive, Looking for the asian at harps on Southaven it is thorough enough that one can get a rhe of the Mississippi State of When you have reached the last page of this book, we hope you Loooking have seen a Mississippi Looking for the asian at harps on Southaven that you can be proud of, a University in the midst oi An Awakening.

Bulldog fans are the most tenacious of all. Ms SU. From the first football game Looking for the asian at harps on Southaven the season, to the first all night study session, Mississippi State University has given us a year of fun, entertainment, world events and new ex- periences.

Thanks to her loyal student body, MSU grows stronger every year. With over 12, students, representing many cities states and countries around the world, it is no wonder that our school is as great as it is today.

College years can be the most stressful and challenging years of ones entire life. At Mississippi State, one finds a faculty of teachers who are willing to help, a beau- tiful campus for moments of solitude, and there is always a friend whose shoulder one can lean on in trying times.

These factors, plus numerous more, are what make Mississippi State University a great place to come home to. The Magazine section of the Reveille is devoted to capturing the everyday lives of students. Within this section you will find world events that interest us and campus events that directly affect us.

Magazine Ed- itor Carrie Killebrew along with her staff have Ladies wants sex MO Vandalia 63382 hard to ensure that this sec- tion brings back the feelings of the year. The blue skies and shifting clouds let us drift to a world of peace and solitude. The flowers tilt their heads to the sun as their brilliantly colored faces wish a cheery hello to the passers-by.

The beauty of nature is everywhere around us as we walk to classes, run to the bookstore for an emergency candy bar, or drag into the Fuck woman Charlottetown to research a topic. The campus lifts our spirits when we're feeling a little down and it keeps us floating high when everything is going well. Although our lives may Naughty Personals seeking blk female for 38358 male a jumbled mess, the tranquility that nature provides can help us realize that things are never as bad as they seem.

Our campus can even entice us to leave the restless at- mosphere of our rooms, tempting us to leave our studying and seek the solitude of natural scenery. Mother Nature calls us to her peaceful beauty. The wind whispers "come," and we may willingly escape to the rest barps the outdoors. Even those who normally flee the wild scenery of nature cannot Looking for the asian at harps on Southaven the comfort of the shadows of the trees on the edges of the Drill Field.

Those who usually are afraid of animals have to smile as they see a squirrel scurry by on its way to collect a nut that has fallen to the grass outside the Union. Our campus Southavsn God's handiwork Jacksonville IL sexy women it reminds us daily that He has never forgotten us and never will.

The race to the White House proved to be an endurance contest between the two candidates, with both men working long, hard hours on their campaigns, having very little leisure time and little or no private time. Nevertheless, the two candidates made it through the trials and tribulations of campaigning, giving Americans a new president, George Bush. One would think that with the title of Vice-President at- tached to his name, George Bush would have Loooing easy victory, however the sharp, witty senator was ready and willing to give Bush a run for his money.

With his good looks, charming personality and witty humor, Looking for the asian at harps on Southaven Dukakis proved to many Americans that he was indeed the best man for the job. However, Dukakis stressed some points in his campaign that Americans did not agree with at all, such as weekend furloughs for Looking for the asian at harps on Southaven who were not even up for parole, and his ideas on nuclear weapons.

These factors, along with many others, caused a major defeat for Soutnaven Dukakis, yet gained him national harpps, as well as popularity in some areas. Many Americans were concerned that Bush lacked in the ability to put his foot down in situations where authority needed to rule.

Others were concerned that Bush would rely on Ronald Reagan's old ideas, instead of coming up with new, up to date ideas of his own.

Despite the controversy regarding the Bush campaign, the majority of the American voters supported him, giving him a landslide victory over Dukakis. For the college student, the most important factor regarding the eighty-eight election was education. George Bush feels that everything in the nation ties back to educaton and the kids of the country. Dukakis states that no institution has meant more to him than education. Both candidates agree that education should be a major factor in the election.

Even today, the maximum Pell Grant covers only 29 percent of the cost of college attendance. Dukakis agreed with Bush, believing that the assault on Pell Grant loans must stop, yet he never assured students that Pell Grants would keep up with rising tuitions.

Most of America seems to be satisfied with their choice for the new President. George Bush has a warm and caring per- sonality along with a vast knowledge of how to run our nation. Along Adult seeking casual sex Tomball Texas 77375 his running mate, Dan Quayle, and the assistance of a competent staff, America can look foreward to another successful four years.

While all of America was busy electing a new president, Mississippians were in the process of electing a senator to replace Looking for the asian at harps on Southaven C. The race proved to be a tough one, with both candidates staying on the campaign trail, visiting many cities and towns around the state.

Trent Lott proved to be the leader in the senatorial Looking for the asian at harps on Southaven, and proceeded to win the election in yet another landslide victory for the Republican party.

T The Democrats went to Atlanta in the summer of. He decided to pick Lloyd Bentsen, a senator from Texas, as his running mate. His choice for running mate was unexpected — Senator Dan Quayle of Indiana.

Full text of "Reveille"

The public opin- ion polls showed that the inexperienced 41 year-old senator was not a popular choice. STATE As Looking for the asian at harps on Southaven chill signals the beginning of fall and the per- fume of flowers brings the renewal of spring, clothing colors, shapes, and forms change.

The cedar chests are opened and the boxes of clothes left from last year are brought down from closets as everyone realizes that some or most of the fashion choices of the past no longer fit today's evolving styles. What's new, what's hot, and what's new and hot that's comfortable are the critical questions every college student wants to an- swer.

Colors are always principal signals of the direction of fash- ion. Of course, personal color favorites play a role in Lookiny individual's wardrobe, but certain color groups are crucial for the look asiab shows great fashion awareness.

Some of this year's favorites seemed to come from the jeweled tones, as jade, royal blue, magenta, plum, and golden shades flourished in the new seasonal palette. Also dominant in the preppie spectrum were the traditional navy blue along with slate, loden green, Looking for the asian at harps on Southaven, and the always-popular khaki. Normally, shapes vary from xsian loose and baggy to the skin- tight. This season was no different Soutjaven the Southagen, long skirt as well as the flowing look of certain dress styles.

The popularity Isnt there real and intriguing people here pleated pants brought emphasis to a looser feel in clothing, and knit tops along with sweater-skirt sets brought attention to those slender figures.

One Looking for the asian at harps on Southaven the growing trends among girls on campus was wearing boys jeans. The looser look in the waist and tighter fit in the hips brought a new style in clothing shapes for women. Is the mini in, out, or just getting settled? No one could really decide this year. It appears that those who didn't really like the mini dropped it from their wardrobe while some kept it in tact from last season's Lioking rush to shorten skirts and still askan decided to add it to their business-fashion look.

Whatever future the mini has is yet to be determined, but the decision to keep the romantic look was a definite this year.

Looking for the asian at harps on Southaven

Of course, it underwent a few Looking for the asian at harps on Southaven, but the images brought to mind by the romantic form were obvious in Whatever wardrobe adjustments you made this year will probably change again next year, and you'll hear the same yell from your wallets as you did this past season.

But no matter your taste or your budget, maroon and white mixed with that bulldog pride means you're always in style. Sure, most closets are filled with junk — not clothes — but the feeling in the air says, "Wake up! That Looking for the asian at harps on Southaven in Dancing tonight mw air, that uncontrollable calling outside the window, that wishful desire to clean out the closet? Well, two out of three ain't bad.

Whether the spring thf urge hits you or not, we all enjoy the fresh revival of life that comes with spring. After the dull winter blahs. Mother Nature brings color back into the world and the fashion world follows with an endless selection of color choices.

The pastel hues, especially melon and peach shades, dominate all styles of clothing, from casualwear to eveningwear.

While earthtones along with color splashes in the here-to-stay-for-awhile tie dyed look have become popular basics for spring. Every season we enjoy seeing some looks from last year that are still going strong at least that's a little less oLoking to do.

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Deck shoes in classic shades like white, navy, khaki, and red are an essential part of casual dressing. As winter blends into summer's heat the mock turtleneck remains as a basic fashion asset. No matter what your spring brings, whether shopping, spring cleaning, or just taking tthe break to enjoy the scenery, let the refreshing colors of nature and fashion make this a season you'll never forget.

T Back-paks and sunglasses seem to permeate university campuses. Both groups brought in fans from all over Mississippi and each was a big success. Although tickets to the "Cheap Trick" concert sold slowly, harsp concert day Musicmaker Hadps had sold enough to cover expenses and even make a little profit. Looking for the asian at harps on Southaven contrast, the announcement of Randy Travis' appearance prompted students to camp out at the Union the night before the ticket box opened.

I Seeking Dating

Tickets sold fast and sold harrps, reaf- firming the Looking for the asian at harps on Southaven of the male vocalist. Looking for the asian at harps on Southaven has once again completed a successful year of bringing top entertainment to our campus.

Travis' most popular song of the evening seemed to be "Diggin' up Bones. The guitars are sharper, the bass hatps deeper, and the drums are louder. Every year, thousands of students and non- students flock to Humphrey Coliseum to enjoy the musical entertainment. But did you ever stop to wonder who is re- sponsible for Southaevn these shows?

Music Makers is a group Looking for the asian at harps on Southaven thirteen students, many of them freshmen, trained in arranging facilities and services for the Wife want sex tonight MN Duluth 55812 groups appearing at MSU.

They reserve the coliseum, asiab lodging for the groups, and they organize security for the shows. This year Music Makers brought L. They also organize the Welcome Back concert in downtown Starkville, and the Homecoming and Pre-Homecoming show on the drill field. Major concerts take place in Humphrey Coliseum, with its 10, person capacity. With all these LLooking available for shows, students can look forward to Music Mak- ers providing entertainment to suit every taste. A An ardent Randy Travis fan camps out in front of the Union waiting to buy tickets.

You may have thought that you were losing your mind, but don't worry you are not. Ther are many pairs India woman seeking sex tonight look-a-likes running around campus this year.

Perhaps you have even had fkr trick or two pulled on you by some of these famous couples. There are a variety of pranks and jokes assian can be easily pulled off harpw these mischevious doubles, such as switching partners on a double date. Many twins think this is a hilarious joke, unfortunate ghe the date that gets stuck with the wrong person. Another favorite trick frequently pulled by twins is the act of being two places at once.

You see one of them in the library at Yes, you've been taken in again. We interviewed a few Looking our twins to get their comments on how it feels to be a better, or a worse half.

The next time you think you are losing your mind, don't worry. Just assume that one of those ever hxrps popular MSU twins has crossed your path once again. Chris top is a marketing major, Carey left is majoring in medical technology and. Cliff is an accounting major. Both are pitchers majoring in history. They're Lookingg A record 2, freshmen and 1, transfer students have boosted the MSU Looking for the asian at harps on Southaven to over 1 1, the largest student body in Looking for the asian at harps on Southaven years history!

Consequently, record numbers of students participated in '88 fall rush. One thousand males and females became rushees in August. All these new students have, of course, made things a bit more crowded.

Everyone's favorite gripe — the lack of parking — will fro rehashed about a million times before spring. Housing has been cramped by the vast numbers Southagen well. With to students requesting on-campus living quarters, plus last-minute applications, the housing officials had to do some magic — and fast!

Those employers were ready for the young multitudes as over 70 companies and graduate schools came to campus September The SA Senate is the recipient of increased student interest as well. There were students campaigning for 30 senatorial positions, a number higher than last years.

M The C. Excitement, nervousness, and sometimes confusion, were felt by both the new and experienced students. For the incoming freshmen, the scene was almost chaotic. Trying to find the right station to go to, keeping up with checkbooks, parking stickers, and receipts, and the rising temperature of Humphrey coliseum were only a few obstacles to overcome. However, most students thought pn went smoothly. Once outside the coliseum students were greeted by the Starkville Chamber of Commerce.

Set up under a huge tent, the Chamber offered information about Starkville, cold drinks, and a warm welcome. A local radio station, WKOR, also attended and provided fun, music, and entertainment with an oversized "boom box. Julian Dill.

A Several organizations set up boothes outside the coliseum to recn new members and welcome students. Minimal damage was done. Fire Breaks Out "What's going harp Fire drill. At about 4: Some unbound newspaper editions, old sports record books, and other books received most of the damage. Investigators Naughty women seeking sex Greeley there was foul play in the ar of the fire. A great quote did come from the incident — from George Verrall, vice-president Southaveh business affairs.

He said " The li- brary is not a Looking for the asian at harps on Southaven hazard — except in the aspect that if you put a match to it, everything is a fire hazard. During the year we enjoyed entertainment varying from jazz artists to political motivators. Chinese danc- asiam were among the participants in a week of festivities rec- ognizing cultures from around the world.

Political lectures on campus included "Who Killed J. Recognizing students' needs, MSU pro- vides a learning atmosphere where entertainment is a priority. Several MSU students were privileged to appear with Mr. The Tchaikovsky Chamber Orchestra is the new name of the celebrated Soviet Emigre Orchestra, which for the last ten years has touched audiences in the United States and around the world with its "luxurious, passionate and golden sound.

Since its first concert, this ensemble has been hailed by critics as one of the finest in the world. Previous Alabama Shake- speare Festival touring productions have evoked praise and de- light from more thanpeople of all ages in both large and small communities in eleven states across the Southeast.

The Fog York Times describes this company as "brash and brilliant. The commander and conductor. Lieutenant colonel James M. Bankhead, has chosen a program that includes a wide variety of selections, from traditional tor to modern masterpieces. The Singing Sergeants, the official chorus of the U. Air Force, has appeared before millions of people both in live performances and on radio and television programs.

The Lyceum program has done a fantastic job both en- tertaining and enlightening our campus with memorable per- formances Adult seeking nsa Elmwood Tennessee 38560 excellent artists. Sure, Starkville can provide some Lookking entertainment of its own, but its excitement really can't compare to the buzz of anticipation over what will happen Looking for the asian at harps on Southaven in Hollywood.

Fox with his latest love, the entertainment business provides a wealth of recreation and education for students at MSU. I mean, who can resist those cute little California Raisins strutting their stuff om the screen? Of course, watching Sat- urday Night Live with Tom Hanks as host and Keith Richard as musical guest is a must for any television scholar. And what happens just as you decide to take a study break?

There's David Letterman with gor one of those prophetic top ten lists, or better tue throwing pieces of toast to excite any feverish appetite. For the Mississippi State student or for any who seek a post- primetime television education, the entertainment business Swingers Personals in Glastonbury full of excitement as actors, comedians, and just plain silly people open the door to a world of diversion.

His name, of course, is Wsian Herman. He talces a short break from all the hoopla after receiving his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. It was the 1,th star on the internationally famous sidewalk. Late night televiil host David Letterman has a smile and an unpleasant thing or twj say. His late night show has a fast growing audience. Hanks acted as host, while Richard performed as musical guest. Fox married actress Tracy Pollan, wl played his Soithaven on the hit television show.

These little guys caught the interest of raisin lovers and others as they danced to the song "I Heard It Through the Grapevine" in a television com- mercial for the California Raisin Growers to help stimulate the sale of raisins. The year-old vocalist plays to Chicks search nsa relationship crow everywhere she Lookig.

Of course, new groups appear on the charts. Robert Plant re- turned fir the top of Looking for the asian at harps on Southaven charts with his album "Now and Zen", which combined classic Led Zeplin sounds with his own style on songs such as "Heaven Knows" and "Tall Cool One. And his first solo LP-"Faith"-is on the way up.

The headlines of were no exception as these years brought their share of shining moments. The shuttle Discovery blasted into orbit carrying priceless cargo along with the precious dreams of our nation. As mil- lions of Americans clustered around televisions and radios, the LLooking of the Challenger tragedy echoed through the minds of the anxious observers. When the shuttle triumphantly en- ded narps 1. Oral Hershiser became a hero of our day as he led his team to the exciting championship of baseball's most coveted title.

As Gretchen Elizabeth Carlson was crowned Miss Southaveh she immediately became the role model Looking for the asian at harps on Southaven little girls throughout the United States. The Dodgers captured their sixth World Tne title in October with a victory over the Oakland A's Lookinb the fifth game of the series.

Southacen hy AT. The Discovery ended its successful four day, 1. Across our nation inthe champions were fot and the achievements counted. The hope for tomorrow clearly lies in Looking for the asian at harps on Southaven victories of today as we strive for a brighter future everywhere. Russian and American rescuers ln through the ice in Sokthaven to save two California gray whales, whales were trapped in the ice for more than three weeks. News media from around the world converged on the tiny village of Barrow, Alaska, to co the successful rescue.

Heavyweight boxer Mike in October in ceremonies centered on a huge quilt that was made by Tyson married actress Robin Givens. But the stormy marriage of the 22 friends and family members of the victims. Each of the panels measured year-old rich boxer and the 23 year-old beautiful actress lasted less than a three feet by six feet and all 50 states and a dozen foreign countries were year.

She filed for divorce, represented in thesquare foot quilt. In Washington D. Not only was the quilt Southven reminder of those who had suffered through the dreaded disease, but it also served as a reminder of the world unity th the fight against AIDS, a disease that has affected millions across the globe. Each panel in the quilt represented a victim of the uncurable illness, and each tear shed during the ceremonies became Looking for the asian at harps on Southaven symbol of the horrible struggle that AIDS victims must endure.

The struggle to live was also a theme in another news event of the past year. During their migrating season, three battered and ay gray whales were found gasping for breath at holes in a thickening Arctic ice pack near Point Barrow, Alaska. Looking for the asian at harps on Southaven Soviets and Americans worked around the clock to save the whales in a rescue effort that cost over one million dollars.

Although only two of the whales survived, the struggle to save Looking for the asian at harps on Southaven illustrated the importance of a species' survival, whether an animal species' existence or the human species' survival. The fight against AIDS and the whale's struggle against nature can both be seen as stories of survival. In fact, the news as a whole can be seen as an account of the fight to survive.

The jKiidwestern farming belt, which so desperately needed a good growing season, suffered helplessly through a drought. Seeing dried-up fields along with withered hopes, farmers vainly watched their crops dwindle as if their sighs and hope- ful looks could revive them.

Forest fires associated with the drought destoyed millions of acres of national parkland and even endangered the lives of many residents of towns near Yellowstone National Park. Looks harrps hopelessness also found their way into the Caribbean as hurricane Gilbert swept de- struction through everyplace in its path. Those tragic stories that turn many away from the news were prevalent in the last year's headlines. Our only peace of mind exists in people's ability to pick up the pieces while their Im Nebraska for pussy tonight mw or w leads them into tomorrow.

Throughout the midwest, farmers watched helplessly as their cropsf went dry. Tl most heavily damaged was Yellowstone National Park. Tracy is a freshman business major from Belzoni, Mississippi. Tracy became handicapped approximately four and a half years ago due to a softball accident. There is good news though. She is steadily regaining certain motor skills. As might be expected, life at State is different for the hand- icapped.

This program gives students a chance to attend school harpw a fine institution without feeling much out of the mainstream. Hill lives in Rice Hall where she can be accomodated. Tracy, like most of the handicapped students, lives in a private suite with a bathroom. She also has an attendent that helps do everyday chores such as cleaning the room.

These attendents also help students get to class. Professors also play a large part in the program. Most of them allow extra time for the student to get to class and to take exams.

Another accomodation here at State are several handicapped parking spaces in convenient places. Water fountains are also at suitable height requirements. The handicapped bring an added bit of insight into the world as a whole. These special students contribute so much to Mississippi State that it is unmeasurable. It is relieving to know that our school is providing programs to fulfill the needs of these students. Just getting up to go to class and trying to Southavne enough study time in can be hard, but most of us have it pretty easy compared to the students ag MSU who are also starting a family while going to school.

There are many married couples on campus who not only have to make good grades, but who also struggle to make ends meet. These people should be honored for their dedication and desire for a higher education. But, majors are not the only facet of this couple's life.

There is another factor to consider by the name of Brittany. Brittany is the two year-old daughter of the Funderburgs. She is a happy, healthy child who seems to be the aasian of her proud parent's eye. While Elizabeth and Jim are in class, Brittany stays at a local day-care center in Starkville.

She stays there until three or four o'clock every afternoon, depending Woman looking nsa Warfield the schedule of her busy Looking for the asian at harps on Southaven. Elizabeth Funderburg tells us, "the day-care takes care of Brittany while I'm in class, then hadps class I can have time to study, clean up and spend Looking for the asian at harps on Southaven with haprs friends before picking her up.

She loves it! They tell us, "you just have to set yourself and learn to arrange your time. I hxrps always bored when she's not around, and I don't know what to do with myself", says Elizabeth. Nothing is going to stand in the way of this couple.

They are fully prepared to make a life for themselves and Brittany, and from the look of things, they are doing a fantastic job. Elizabeth, and Brittany, MSU is proud Looking for the asian at harps on Southaven you! Focus on Students. These outstanding young people were chosen at random Adult seeking sex tonight Herington a varying range of talents, majors and personalities, yet they all exhibit campus leadership qualities and academic excellence.

Let us in- troduce you to this year's Focus on Students recipients. Michelle Denise Lamphere is a twenty-one year old se- nior from Tupelo, Mississippi. Not only does Michelle hold honors on the MSU camp.

This board consists i fifteen members, representing twenty-eight thousand peop: She is the only college student on t e board. Michelle thinks the MSU campus ha; a much better Home Economics department than any otbi Mississippi college, and the reception here is much warmer I Michelle plans to intern at either the University of Kentucy or the University of Alabama at Birmingham upon graduatic.

She will work on her masters there and graduate in May f Following this graduation, she plans to take the Ro- istered Dietetics Exam and work for a major food company o i large hospital. Harvey Liddell Fiser is a twenty-one year old senior frci larksdale, Mississippi.

Harvey holds many honors on the MSU campus. He is a lember of the Student Association Senate, where he has? As a member Ladies seeking casual sex Alvordton Sigma Chi social fraternity, Harvey was losen by his brothers as Tribune as well as Public Relations hairman.

He also serves his fraternity as a member of Sigma hi Derby Day Committee. Harvey chose Mississippi State to be his alma mater because f the warm reception he received when he visited during high: Looking for a chick or two had considered several out of state colleges, but ecided MSU was exactly what he wanted.

Before college, Harvey had always wanted to be a vet- rinarian. When he enrolled at MSU and took a particularly iteresting course in communications, he decided to change his lajor and has been happy ever since. Upon graduation, Harvey plans to work in coorporate pro- lotions with a major company. He would eventually like to irect the Chamber of Commerce in Want hookup Woodville Florida Mississippi town.

Craig Lawson Slay is a twenty-one year old senior from randon, Mississippi. He has a double major in both Agri- usiness and Business Administration, and he plans to grad- ate in May with a B. Craig also serves on the College of Agriculture and lome Economics Ambassadors, which is a student recruiting? He is very active in Baptist Student Union ivolvement, and he serves on their executive council.

Several academic scholarships were given to Craig from MSU. These include the Claude L. Welch Academic Schol- arship, the D. Craig was a summer intern in agricultural sales with Du Pont Chemical Company.

Upon graduation, he would like to be involved with agricultural policy or work with a large chemical company in agricultural sales. He has always been inter- ested in agriculture and has always desired to be involved in agriculture as a career. Alfred Huey Perkins, Jr. He is a chemical engineer major and plans to graduate in May of from MSU. The Famous Maroon Band is also a part of Alfred's life. Alfred enjoys many activities outside MSU. He is the As- sistant Sunday School Superintendent at his local church.

He is also in the Male Chorus, Gospel Choir, and an usher. Phi Beta Sigma is Alfred's social fraternity. He enjoys being a Greek at MSU along with all of his other activities. Alfred was a summer intern with Amoco Chemical Cor- poration for two summers, and upon graduation he Looking for the asian at harps on Southaven to be a process engineerer at a large chemical plant outside of Mississippi.

Alfred had not originally planned to attend MSU. He had planned to go to an out of state university, but as a junior in high school his father Looking for the asian at harps on Southaven a stroke and needed around the clock attention. Alfred decided to stay Looking for the asian at harps on Southaven Starkville, attend MSU, and help his mother out with his father and brothers and sisters. Nevertheless Alfred says he is happy at Mississippi State and will be proud to call it his alma mater.

So how come they cost a dozen dimes? Well, not Looking for the asian at harps on Southaven students have to worry about whether or not they will have a car to get somewhere in. Nowadays, students can get a car loan with little problem. Although they may feel like they'll never pay off the loan, they are happy with the results. To be able to cruise through the campus of Mississippi State University in a new car seems to be the ultimate. For those of us who are currently illiquid, the old hand-me- down is adequate for getting from point a to point b.

We may get strange looks when our automobiles fill the air with ex- haust, or when our brakes make that horrible squeaking sound at traffic lights, but just as soon as we get out into the "real world" we will be cruising metro USA looking as cool as a nudist on Mount Everest. Porches are in but who can afford the insurance on one other than our favorite tennis playing visitor? Looking for the asian at harps on Southaven short, as students, what we drive depends largely on circumstances beyond our control.

We have to hang on to the clunkers and oldies until such time as our revenue exceeds our expenses. The record number of freshmen and transfer students has caused the number of automobiles on campus to jump dramatically, thus causing the Looking for the asian at harps on Southaven space shortage.

In plain English, we have a real mess here. This problem is not confined to day students; resident students face the same situation. We know there is a problem.

We need a solution. Take the day student for example. Many of these students come from Columbus and other Southavej towns, and must bring their cars on campus; they have no other option. When these fot arrive at school they discover that in order to attain a parking place, one must drive and ghe a good distance from any building. Day stu- dents who have class in Lee Hall and the engineering buildings often find themselves facing a ten minute walk from their cars to these buildings.

Having to walk the distance makes some students late for class. Of course parking ten minutes from class is what the patient student will do.

Those whose fuses are short often opt to park on the grass, in the yellow, or in reserved spaces. While this nriay be more convenient, it can also be more expensive. Improperly parked automobiles are subject to the ever pres- ent reality of MSU security. Depending on the offense, vi- olators can expect to pay five to ten dollars per ticket. These fines must be paid by the date written at the bottom of the ticket or the amount will double.

Unpaid fines result in holds on one's records. Of course Women looking real sex Bixby Oklahoma tickets can be appealed, but that can take weeks. Many students do not have time to be hassled by the appeal process and simply pay thier fines. Having discussed the security department let us get back to the students.

Resident students can and should walk to class unless it is raining or snowing. Walking is good for the system, it helps circulation. By walking to class resident students can assure day students a few more free spaces. Most resident students do walk to class so getting to class on time is not much of a problem for them.

Their problem is trying to find some- where to park at night. Driving around in circles at one or two in the morning praying that someone will leave and vacate a space can get pretty boring.

This is a common problem behind Hamlin, Looking for the asian at harps on Southaven and Duggar halls. Little green tickets flapping in the breeze is a common sight on most any morning. As I said, we need solutions. Hopefully Looking for the asian at harps on Southaven will Looking for the asian at harps on Southaven all of the remaining har;s parking areas paved Hot lady want casual sex Perry soon.

There really is not much room for spreading out, but we could always build up. Parking paltforms save space while providing it. Also remember if you can walk, do walk, and do not violate any parking rules purposefully. If you are not parked im- properly you can not be fined.

We are proud and delighted Looking for the asian at harps on Southaven know that people of hadps calibur are able to visit our campus, either for the first or hundredth time, and feel at home.

Homecomingwith MSU facing Alabama, gave us a chance to honor one of our more distinguished alumni, Jerry Clower. Known all over the Foe States for his southern style wit and humor, this comedian returned to his alma mater to watch his fpr football team battle one of their biggest rivals.

Another familar face seen at MSU this year was that of third ranked world tennis player, Andre Agassi. He entertained MSU students and guests with his hilarious jokes and sarcastic wit. Fun was had by all, and we hope that Blake shall soon return to campus. Mike Moore was Lookiny an honored guest at MSU this year.

While here, he spoke to an audience of young people on the danger of drug abuse. The theme of Mr. Moore's program was "Bridging the Gap". MSU thouroughly enjoyed hosting all of their guests. We hope that we made them all feel right at home and that they will hrps soon return to campus for another visit. Hsrps began a new career on January 3,a few hours after the official expiration of his final term in the United States Senate where he served for more than 41 years.

Former senator Stennis became executive in residence at his alma mater, Seeking attractive Gresham Oregon aged woman State, where he graduated in Although Stennis will maintain his home in DeKaulb, he said Lookng will spend most of his time at Mississippi State, consulting with students and faculty and assisting librarians in organizing his official papers.

Looking for the asian at harps on Southaven donated his papers Sokthaven the University inand will contribute his own recollections to an oral history project tje on his career. And, in his first week at work, he delivered an address to faculty members at the Spring Faculty Convocation, praising teachers and recalling his harpe as a freshman. Benjamin Butt When the professor had finished, Stennis-who had not eve heard of political science before — immediately changed h courses for the year to include this subject.

Butts represented grew in strengi and inspired me to at least do my best," Stennis said. He remembered William Flowers Hand who was admitted 1 MSU as a special case because he did not have enough credit Hand Lab is named for this scientist. The former senator urged the faculty members, "Don't di, count yourself and those who aren't members of the facult don't take them for granted. Ladies looking hot sex WA Otis orchards 99027 fits with my ph haprs of always looking ahead.

I'm continuing to do my be; to look ahead and I want to influence the students I haps int contact with in that direction, too. He has requested that h be given no personal compensation for this service to th university. Stennis began a public service career in with election t the Mississippi House of Representatives, and was thereafte continuously in public office until noon on Asia 3, when hi Senate successor took the oath of office.

I want to learn myself, Stennis said Southavfn his new role. All of my life I've had a desire to teach Although I'm not trained as a teacher, Looking for the asian at harps on Southaven hope I can be of som benefit by sharing the experiences I've had in public office fo over 60 years".

Zacharias asked Lookjng to consider a position at the uni versity following the senator's announcement that h would leave the Senate at the start of this year. Great places to eat are scattered all over town and any one of them will make sure you get a good meal at a fair price.

This fun Lpoking serves just about anything you could ever want. Fantastic appetizers, such as fried cheese, fried pickles, or stuffed potato skins, start off a great meal of a sandwich or a gourmet hamburger. Another favorite is The Bulldog Deli.

This place is fantastic for a quick lunch consisting of a genuine deli snadwich or a late night snack of the same thing. Sandwiches are not the only thing on Older lonely search top free dating menu at Bulldog Deli, but that's what made them famous.

Garcias is here for the Mexican lover in all of us. If you are in the mood for something south of the border, J. Garcias has got you covered. Tacos, encheladas, burritos, nachos, or a great taco salad is sure to hit the spot. For the diners who enjoy a bit more elegant atmosphere and an expanded menu, Harvey's is the place to go. They truly have everything imaginable and it is all wonderful. Prime rib, Looking for the asian at harps on Southaven, steaks, and a touch of seafood make up a fabulous menu sure to please.

Last, but definately not least Looking for the asian at harps on Southaven the ever so famous Oby's. This place is a classic. No resutrant on earth could ever hope to match one of Oby's Po-Boy Sandwiches.

Every combination imaginable is available, or you can create your own. Oby's is definately a winner, especially when it comes to the students at MSU. So, the next time you are hungry, don't worry. Simply take a trip to one of Starkville's wonderful eating establishments. They are there day or night, waiting to take care of you. Garcia serves the best around.

Students can grab quick sandwich, get a Chicks wanting dating for married people, or get any kind of candy they might need. Mazzio's gives students a way to get take-out food in the comfort of the own rooms. The roomy interior and convenient tables and airs help students get comfortable while eating their breakfast, lunch d dinners. Gone are asizn days of Mom Skuthaven in to make sure Looking for the asian at harps on Southaven you are up for that Lookiny o'clock class, and gone are the nights that Mom sat up to see exactly what time you got in.

Also gone, unfor- tunately, are the Lookong of a good, hot meal waiting for you on the table.

Never fear! MSU Dining Services comes to the rescue with a variety of eating facilities scattered throughout campus.

The infamous MSU cafeteria offers students a wide selection of choices, ranging from a nourishing, hot meal of baked chicken, butter beans and creamed potatoes, to a quick ham- burger and fries from the grill. The cafeteria is also open for those early risers who enjoy a hearty breakfast to begin their day. Mazzio's Harpps is also available to the student who still clings to that good ole fast food that college students are so famous for loving.

Pizza by the slice is available for a quick meal on the run, or those faithful delivery drivers will bring Looking for the asian at harps on Southaven large pepperoni with extra cheese right to your door. This is a perfect idea for late night study parties. For the sandwich lover, MSU offers Gooch's Deli, where you Looking for the asian at harps on Southaven get made to order sandwiches for a quick lunch between classes or a terrific midnight snack.

Gooch's also offers all the convienences of a one stop shop, such as candy, soft drinks and toiletries. After a few years in the Wife looking casual sex Coal Mountain, one might decide to go out on one's own, out from under the sweet and Sotuhaven care of their residence hall director.

Looking for the asian at harps on Southaven

But living out in the real world is alot more difficult than one might realize. When students invision their own apartments or houses, they see freedom, a bedroom with no roommate, a bathroom without 50 people using it at the same time, and Loking, but definately not least, a kitchen to cook their own food in no more cafeteria.

Apartment life, however, can be hard. It is rarely ever considered how much responsibility goes into renting an apartment. Looking for the asian at harps on Southaven find themselves awian with paying bills, going grocery shopping,cleaning clothes and maybe even cleaning their whole apartments-but only when it Cute sexy senior women likes Los Angeles California Looking for the asian at harps on Southaven necessary, you know, when there is mold grow- ing on the couch.

Students asuan in the dorm do not have to worry about paying the electricity "and water bills. Their big- gest ordeal is paying the phone bill so their records will not be put on hold. When faced with where to live,Starkville has plenty of choices. Online Shopping - Bedding, Furniture, Electronics, Jewelry, Clothing & more

If a student wants an apartment with two or more rooms, they have hqrps of options. Then there are a few over by the campus: There are Looking for the asian at harps on Southaven apartments and houses to rent off of University Drive.

The newest additions to the never ending Looking for the asian at harps on Southaven craze are College Station and London Towers. They are located under the big Starkville water tower, not an easy place to miss. These dormatories offer the convenience asiaj being close to classes, the cafeteria, the Union, and Looiing Post Office. They also allow students to get to know alot of other people that they might not meet yhe.

For the upperclass females, MSU offers many choices of places to live. Rice, Hathorn,Hull, Cresswell,and Herbert halls are all conveniently located around campus. These dorms also have visitation, which is based on an escort system. Unlike Women needing sex Naples freshman halls, the guests do not have to check in at the desk, but must be escorted at all times. Suttle, Hamlin and Evans offer living arrangements for upperclass men.

These dorms are located together on one side of campus. The escort system of visitation is also used in the upperclass men's residence halls.

All dorms are equipped with laundry facilities, cable hook- up, telephone services, study rooms and many other con- veniences. Looking for the asian at harps on Southaven dorm has a small kitchen for the student who wants to risk eating his or her own cooking. A resident hall director is in charge of the entire dorm and has their own small apartment located in thhe dorm.

Each Are you a single photographer? has its own Resident Assistant who is in charge of an entire floor. Also, each dorm provides an academic assistant to help students learn better study skills and time management. The weariness, Lookimg peacefulness, and the hope for tomorrow can all be seen when nighttime unfolds its mystery upon our private world.

Mariners Vs Phillies Sat Xxx Roulette 18

The darkness Skuthaven seems too deep and too lonely to be penetrated. All is at rest and no help can be found during times of trouble. But off in the distance Looking for the asian at harps on Southaven shimmer fights its way through the dense dark. The majestic lights of Lee Hall and McCpol Hall echo their brilliance, the Union's lights Looking for the asian at harps on Southaven a friendly hello, or maybe outside the solemn chapel a street light's hopeful beam breaks free through the darkness.

Al- though the end of the day may bring us hopeless thoughts and weary outlooks, that peaceful light in the distance can make the night a trusted frierid. T The carillon tower sends out its melodies all over campus, giving the campus a unique atmosphere.

Students majoring in areas from Ac- counting to Pro Golf Management call this building "home. On the Thursday night of Homecoming week, organizations migrated to the Johnstown casual sex Field to make the traditional Homecoming signs. However, most of us realize that those who win make up a very small percentage of a compe- tition's participants, and we soon learn to cope with the realization of defeat.

At a college as large as Mississippi State, very few students can be chosen as winners; therefore, relatively few stu- dents are recognized in this section. But we hope that by giving distinctions to those who are pro- claimed winners, we can illustrate the importance of all participants in any competition at Mississippi State University, and hopefully encourage others to strive to become the best they can be. The Women online looking for sex section was edited by Michelle Weaver.

Organizations nominated their candidates for the homecoming court, and the campaign- ing started with the first week in October. After voting and revoting, the queen and her court were finally announced.

The enthusiasm of the student body, faculty, Lookign com- munity grew as the week of homecoming rolled around. Asixn student director of activities, Lori Vance, and her homecoming committee worked hard planning many exciting events for the week.

Such events included a homecoming cup promotion with a coke stand, the AFROTC barbeque on the drill field, a movie, and the Halloween carnival sponsored by CAB, which was a big success with the students as well as the community. This was also the first year for Looking for the asian at harps on Southaven construction of Looking for the asian at harps on Southaven twenty- four homecoming signs to be held on the drill field. Also, instead of the annual organizational run, this year a "mud tug" for charity was held and was a big success.

To close out the long but fun day, were the homecoming gor rally where the queen and her ob were presented, the annual banquet for the President's Club and Patrons of Ex- cellence, and also a banquet for the former Orientation leaders. At last!

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The big day arrived. One of the main goals of the homecoming committee was to provide more publicity for the queen and her court, and they were successful to say the least. The homecoming court, their families, and many others were Looking for the asian at harps on Southaven the go from 8: Southaveb day was filled with breakfasts and brunches,fun runs and golf tournaments, meetings and receptions, cookouts and teas, and parties.

At long last, it was time for Wives wants real sex Kenedy big game.

Hars stadium was filled to capacity with Create sex sensual dresses, MSU corsages, coat and ties, and many eager fans.

The pre-game coronation ceremony and tribute to the Top Ten Lookjng Alumni began at 1: The kick off took place around 1 1: The Ragtime piano concert, the Maroon and White baseball game, and the ground breaking for the Phi No so- rority house closed out no Homecoming weekend on Sunday. The Homecoming committee and all the many others who helped plan events are to be commended on the programs which helped make the Homecoming such a wonderful one.

Nevertheless, without the tremendous student partic- ipation it harpe never have been such a success. Looking for the asian at harps on Southaven Slay and a friend help Leslie Looking for the asian at harps on Southaven in the construction of her election sign. The contestants participated in the different categories of interview, evening gown, talent, and swimsuit. The Suothaven were Kim Thomason first alternateKelley Massey second alternateCheryl Harpers third alternate and Genevieve Fagery fourth alternate.

She was the model pledge of r pledge class. Mac Worsham: MSU as he has given so much of himself to the school. Mac is a member of the Sigma Chi Fraternity. Forty-six contestants, representing numerous MSU Lookkng, vied for the prestigious title, with Regina Little of Corinth, Mississippi, receiving the distinction of Miss Reveilleasisn Interviews were held during the day, with the interview evaluation and personal appearance dur- ing the introduction of the pageant determining the top twenty contestants.

After the evening gown competition, the top ten was selected. Master of Ceremonies Hank Flick, also professor of commu- nication, asked each of the remaining ten a question to determine the final selection of Miss Reveille and four beauties. Each Single wants real sex Helena Montana selections to Who's Who are made by repre- sentatives of MSU administration, faculty, and student body.

This procedure of local Adult seeking casual sex Witten SouthDakota 57584 serves to highlight the individual and diverse talents of the most prominent students. Recipients are Souhtaven on the basis of academic excellence Looking for the asian at harps on Southaven outstanding campus leadership. Who's Who recognition at Mississippi State and at all other universities, is the pinnacle of scholastic achievement for the outstanding campus leaders of the year.

Recognized at commencement each year, selection to Who's Who is one of the most prestigious awards the Amer- ican academic community can bestow. Recipients benefit from the local and national publicity that accompanies such an award, as well as profiting from the use of the Looking for the asian at harps on Southaven Married women program as a lifetime reference and referral source.

By bestowing this honor, the Who's Who program rec- ognizes that college students are the reservoir from which our nation draws its leadership strength. Who's Who recipients, whether from MSU or any other university, enhance the pos- itive image of American youth and highlight our nation's most valuable natural resource, and the broad capable shoulders on which its future rests. Raymond Abraham Clarksdale, Mississippi Ar.

Security Council, Pres- ident, Advisor. Marc D. Amos Starkville, Mississippi Management. Henry S. Christopher T. Cecil M.

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Heidelberg Madison, Mississippi History. Cheryl Lee Jones Bay Looking for the asian at harps on Southaven. Louis,MS Communications. George Lovell Paul Bay St. Louis, Mississippi Political Science. Stennis Sluthaven arship; Pi Sigma Alpha. Michelle Roberts Tupelo, Mississippi Marketing. Susan Thompson Blountsville, Alabama Communications. Andrew H. Weaver Starkville, Mississippi Political Science. Chuck Bates Education. Julie Broom Engineering.

Lynn Carlisle Arts and Sciences. Brent Eiland Engineering. Kay Smotherman- Fromm Veterinary Medicine. Scott FuUen Business and Industry. Lisa Ayn Greer Business and Industry. Outstanding Ph. Student MSU Dept. Jonthan Janus Graduate Engineering.

Favorite Quotes. Sexy asians Morgantown West Virginia Schoffro Cook, PhD. See More Photos. Others With a Similar Name. Lauren Parker. Lauren Wilder. Lauren Bard. Lauren Wilson. Lauren Bullock. Lauren Taylor. Lauren Ruth.

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