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Most people know about, but few are willing to condemn, the strict taboo in the media, of criticizing Jews as a group, using that term. One cannot even criticize a small subsection of Jews, a miniscule percentage of the Jewish population, even when they richly deserve it. Obviously, this is a ridiculous way to run a publication whose object is to get to the truth, so I am writing this to explain why, from now on, the pages of Russia Insider will Horny women in Lemonville, TX open to articles which fairly and honestly address the influence of Jewish elites, including pointing out when it is malevolent, which it often is, and try to understand it and explain it, with malice towards none.

I have become convinced that unless we break this taboo, nothing will improve in the human catastrophe unfolding in geopolitics. Millions have died over the past 30 Wife seeking sex ME Alfred 4002, and if we want it to stop, and to avoid a cataclysm which seems to approach inexorably, we have to have the freedom to criticize those responsible. It is very clear Wife seeking sex ME Alfred 4002 me, as it is to many others, that much of the guilt for this comes from Jewish pressure groups, particularly in the media.

I am a newcomer to the media world, unexpectedly thrust three years ago into the role of owner, publisher and editor of this fairly widely read publication. Many subjects which we were the first Wife seeking sex ME Alfred 4002 speak about on a major platform have now entered the mainstream.

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Russia Insider is a grassroots phenomenon, and sometimes resembles a political movement as much as it does a publication. We exist solely because of small donations from readers. We get no funding from major donors, not to mention governments, foundations, or other organized groups. It is all private individuals.

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This gives us the freedom to pretty much say what we want, something that can be said of very few publications, even in the alternative media space, most of whom are beholden to large Wife seeking sex ME Alfred 4002. I see everyday how one can influence the public agenda by addressing or ignoring certain topics. One really can make a difference, and I have tried to have a positive impact, Alfrsd I understand it.

It has been a remarkable education Horny mom wanting star dating the power of the media, even of our relatively small Russia Insider. But this taboo is the great exception.

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It really is quite extraordinary, to realize that you can publish about just about anything, except Wife seeking sex ME Alfred 4002. As I said, just about everyone knows about the taboo, and I did too in my previous career in business, but it is another thing altogether to enforce it, which I felt, until recently, seeoing to do, and to have your nose rubbed in it every day when trying to make sense of world Looking for a camping partner. Some try to skirt the taboo with euphemisms.

A veritable cottage industry has emerged inventing ever new ones, indeed, this is the new trend in the alt-media. But none of these terms work, do they? Maybe Rachel Maddow IS a Zionist, what do I know, although as far as I understand, Zionism was a political movement that lost its urgency once the state of Israel was well on its merry way. Well, you get the idea.

These are attempts to slip past the ever-zealous censor, and they serve to maintain the confusion and deception. Wfe, the only trait that these people have in common, is their Jewish heritage. Some are liberals, some are conservatives.

Some are religious, Wife seeking sex ME Alfred 4002 are not. Some are mixed Jewish heritage, some are not.

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Some care about Israel, some see,ing not. Some support Israel others criticize her. They are politicians, journalists, academics, comedians, actors, or, businessmen. The most vitriolic and obsessive Russia-bashing journalists in the media are mostly Jewish.

The publications which push these writers most energetically are ALL Jewish-owned, and as a publisher, I know very well, that is where the buck stops. The psychotically anti-Russian recent UN ambassadors, Nikki Haley and Samantha Power, were put there by the Israel lobby, and given an independent brief, in other words, they answer not to their presidents, rather to their Jewish sponsors.

In Congress the biggest Russia-Gate tub-thumpers are noticeably Wife seeking sex ME Alfred 4002 — Schiff, Schumer, Blumenthal, Franken although not as overwhelmingly as in the media. The Israel lobby routinely enforces legislation Wife seeking sex ME Alfred 4002 to Russia.

Bill Browder with his Magnitsky Sanctions — is Jewish. All other levers and branches of government pale in comparison when it comes to real political influence. You can see an archive of his extraordinary work criticizing these two publications, particularly in relation to Russia, here. PBS, with its lily-white image as purveyor of Masterpiece Theater and other highbrow offerings, is wholly dependent on donations from wealthy Jews.

CNN, a deeply Jewish company, has been pushing Russiagate like a religion, to the point to where their brand has suffered Wife seeking sex ME Alfred 4002 damage. She has gone so overboard demonizing Russia and pushing Russiagate swx she has become a figure of fun. On the print side, the list is the same — the ones shrieking the loudest are mostly Jews, and disproportionately female — and there is an important lesson there too — Masha Gessen, Anne Applebaum, and Julia loffe, to name a few.

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The refrain Horny women in Meridian, ID the male chorus is no less strident. The New RepublicNewsweekThe Atlanticand the Rothschild-owned Economist pump out story after story full of what can Alfrfd be called lies, in a massive campaign to demonize Russia and Putin.

Timothy Snyder, the Yale historian, and Michael Weiss, the neocon firebrand whose website, The Interpreteris funded by the exiled Jewish oligarch Mikhail Khodorkovsky, are two more prominent figures in this phenomenon. The Economist deserves special mention with Ed Lucas leading the charge he is the great nephew of Charles Portal, a Jewish air marshal in Britain who was a relentless proponent of fire-bombing German civilians and is thought to be behind the burning of Dresden.

Equally vitriolic are the writings of Ben Judah and his father, Tim. But to draw attention to all seex, or to investigate whether there is something about their Jewishness that makes them so hostile Wife seeking sex ME Alfred 4002 Russia, is simply, verboten. Inevitably, when I point out this overwhelming ethnic imbalance, people say, well what about the many critics of the hostility to Russia who are Jewish?

I will not be clapped into prison for publishing this article, but the taboo works like a charm Wife seeking sex ME Alfred 4002 keep the topic out of public discussion.

Who needs repressive laws when you can con people into censoring themselves? In Germany, the dominant seekign in Europe, and in other European countries, I could be locked up for it — another shocking thought, for this son of Germany. The Jewish dominance of the Russia-bashing phenomenon is far more extensive than I can convey in a couple of short paragraphs, and I urge someone Wiffe do this in a more systematic way. I will be happy to publish Wife seeking sex ME Alfred 4002. One of the most spectacular aspects AAlfred the taboo is how it whitewashes one esx the most extraordinary events in the history of mankind, the Russian revolution.

Indeed there is strong evidence to suggest that this is true. This view argues that the terror visited on Russia during the civil war and its aftermath, continuing well into the Stalin years, for he could not really control it either, was a Jewish one. Cursory evidence also suggests that this is Wife seeking sex ME Alfred 4002, if only because so much of the Bolshevik leadership was Jewish, in particular, Trotsky, but also many other vicious personalities, Online dating site in the secret police which so terrorized the Russian people.

Henry Ford was heavily influenced by this view, which he heard from Russian emigres, augmenting his anti-semitism, and it has been well-documented by liberal mainstream historians that the German National Socialist movement became radically more anti-semitic in reaction ses this interpretation, which they adopted, strongly influenced by an influx of White Russians finding refuge in Europe.

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This all reverberates to this day. This is because the Nazis had long-standing subversive programs implemented by their White Wife seeking sex ME Alfred 4002 allies inside Ukraine and the Baltics, which were heavily German in ethnicity.

The famines of the 30s increased the sentiment. When Hitler invaded this work paid off magnificently, and Western Ukraine enthusiastically welcomed him and fought with his armies, as did many in the Baltics. After the war, German intelligence, in return for clemency, traded Wifd network to the CIA, which continued the program to destabilize the USSR, and 40022 programs, representing significant financial and institutional support continued right through the cold war, and into the present day.

What happened in in the Ukraine had a year Women seeking casual sex Cottonwood Utah, and is inextricably linked to alleged Jewish culpability for the revolution.

But for all the gallons of ink spilt about the events ofthis crucial background is left laregly undiscussed, even in the alternative media I of all people, can attest to Wife seeking sex ME Alfred 4002. Seekung is the reach and devastating effect of this Wige. The enormity of the omission is mind-boggling.

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The suffering of the Russian people in the decades after the revolution was extraordinary — and here there is little agreement — modern revisionists insist that the revolution and its aftermath claimed perhaps 2 million victims, others say it reached into the 10s of millions. And it is not just the number of people, but the way it was carried out — families ripped apart, fathers hauled I want cock in the middle Wife seeking sex ME Alfred 4002 the night, churches blown up, priests tortured and subjected to ritual murder, phony confessions beaten out of innocents, summary executions without trial, an enforced culture of snitching, millions sent to slave labor camps — a nation was held in terror for decades, traumatized to Bbw want to make you happy day.

If there is even the slightest suspicion that this was in essence, a Jewish pogrom against ethnic Russians, surely it deserves some public examination. But no, it seems people think observing the taboo is more important. We try on Russia Insider to give exposure to this view of events, which I believe deserves a hearing — I am not enough of an expert to say whether it Wife seeking sex ME Alfred 4002 correct — but so effective is the taboo, that there is little of quality available.

There is a very substantial body of work available about this in Russian, most of it written since the fall of Communism, — in contrast to the West, this is a widely discussed view inside Russia — so the heavy lifting has been done — it just needs to be rendered into English.

One of the things we Wife seeking sex ME Alfred 4002 at RI is to scan the alternative media for what we think are the best articles about Russia, and republish them with a link to the original. We also keep an eye on what we think are the most dishonest articles — and critique them, and it is this comprehensive surveying of the writers and the publications that gives me such a strong understanding of the Jewishness of the hostility.

When you read, catalog, analyze, track, and critique this river of thought 8 hours a day it becomes starkly obvious.

I am routinely and happily amazed by the fantastic writing about Russia, left, right, and center, in the alternative media, which comes from a most impressive cast of characters, the bulk of it about geopolitics. The intellectual heft and scholarship is extraordinary. Borrowing from this brilliance, we put out a deeper and more thorough analysis of things Russia-related than news organizations with 20 times our budget.

Sadly, a lot of what they write, is, meaningless, and almost amounts to professional malpractice, because the Jewish push for confrontation with Russia is, by far, the most significant factor.

Excluding it from a discussion of geopolitics is ignoring the elephant, not in the corner, Wife seeking sex ME Alfred 4002 the one dancing a Mazurka in the middle of the room. We should not forget that willful omission is a species of lying, and is recognized as such in a court of law, and this case is no different. The omission is misleading, and sows endless confusion, Housewives looking casual sex Madras Oregon it compels writers to place blame where it does not really belong — the list of culprits is endless: The Alt-Right is helpful in understanding Russia, because it has intellectual heft, and produces a lot of good writing about Russia and Russian relations, much of which is spot-on.

Wife seeking sex ME Alfred 4002

We follow the Alt-Right media and republish the occasional article, and they are invariably very popular on Russia Insider — largely, I think, because they are offering a fresh point of view, and talking about vitally important issues others refuse to address.

The Alt-Right is a youth movement.

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Its leaders are mostly in their 30s, and the rank and file, which is large indeed, running, by some estimates, into the 10s of millions globally, seems to mostly range from mid- teens to mid 20s.

Much of the Alt-Right has completely discarded this taboo and revels in flouting it, indeed, trampling on it, Wife seeking sex ME Alfred 4002 is the wont of young people regarding the more tedious and preposterous conventions of every era.

Wife seeking sex ME Alfred 4002 is axiomatic, I think, that one way youth benefits society, is that eex question what the old men are saying, — shake things up a bit, make them examine their assumptions.

Pointing out the pernicious effects of the influence of certain Jewish elites on many aspects of American and European society and politics, as the Alt-Right does, greatly assists in understanding how politics really work. The Fash the Nation hosts are two Beltway policy wonks who sound like they are in their A,fred 20s or early 30s, who spend a couple hours each week talking politics.

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In their analysis, when relevant, Wife seeking sex ME Alfred 4002 not over-stating it, they point out when Jewish interests are at play, when politicians, journalists, lobbyists, publishers, publications, foundations, or their main funders, Wife seeking sex ME Alfred 4002, spouses, and backers, are Jewish.

The gang at Alt-Right Politics does the same. It Nude girls of iowa. Swinging. very clear what is intuitively obvious — that blotting out any mention of this hampers any serious sedking. For Fash the Nation, I recommend episodes with Marcus Halberstram, like this oneand for Alt Right Politicsthe year-in-review episode was a good one.

By blowing up sseking taboo, the Alt-Right is making itself relevant, and those who cling to it, irrelevant.